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November, 2016

I want to thank Dr. Banarji for helping improving significantly my mother's quality of life

My mother is 84 years old and lives in Italy (we are Italians). For many years she has had a lot of pain in the right shoulder. As the time passed the pain increased exponentially.

Every movement was so difficult she had to help move the right arm with the left arm. In Italy doctors did the investigation and realized she needed a shoulder replacement surgery as the whole shoulder, bones and ligaments, were degenerated and beyond any repair. Because of her age doctors were not keen to have surgery on her. Many people think that at that age there is not much life left and the pain of the surgery is not worth, but my mother is very active, she lives alone and does everything for herself. She enjoys driving her car and taking her friends around. By April 2016 she was not able even to sleep at night, her shoulder hurt her all the time.

She had come to visit me here in Bangalore and thru our family doctor we met Dr. Banarji in Sakra Hospital. He told us that if we did not do anything my mom was going to lose the use of her right arm, and he believed that my mom could have still a healthy and fulfilling life. As he spoke and explained the surgery to us, I was very confident that he is the perfect doctor for our case. I did not want anyone else to do surgery on her. He performed the reverse shoulder replacement surgery right away. As he promised, as soon as the pain of the surgery itself was over, the shoulder did not hurt her anymore.

The whole experience was awesome. Dr. Banarji is not only very professional and best in his field, but very compassionate, patient and friendly. My mom was so happy, they started the rehabilitation the day after the surgery and the physiotherapist followed the directions of Dr. Banarji as he adjusted the schedule to my mom’s recovery and pain level.

The whole hospital is very nice, the rooms are clean and comfortable and all the equipment is new. The hospital personnel was amazing. All were so loving and caring for my mom.

Even at her age she recovered very fast thanks to the help of everyone around.

She is now back in Italy and happy, with no pain and able to do once again all the things she loves to do….she calls herself “Iron Woman” 

Again many thanks to Dr. Banarji and the whole staff of Sakra World Hospital for allowing my mom to have a normal life instead of losing her right arm…….. thank you for making this happen!

Kindest Regards,

Amelia Giustino

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