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April, 2017

I strongly recommend Dr Chandrashekar for ACL problems

Hi, I am Vikalp, I got an injury in the month of July 2016 post which I did a lot of research looking for a good doctor in different hospitals and found really good reviews about Dr. Chandrashekhar, and a friend also recommended him. After meeting him I knew It will be good for me to undergo the surgery under him as he told me very clearly the pros and cons of the surgery and explained everything really well. He told me that it was and elective surgery and it was my choice whenever I wanted to get it done. So we went ahead with the surgery under him in December. I was in the hospital for only 1 day and he gave some instructions that I had to follow post-surgery along with a proper exercise rehab guidance. I did that and now it has been 4 months after surgery and I am able to walk well, there is no pressure in my leg and I look forward to playing sports in the coming 2 months. It was a very smooth experience for me and I would recommend Dr. Chandrashekhar to other patients also

“He underwent the surgery in on 1st Dec. 2016 and we stayed here for a day post-surgery. The nursing staff was very helpful and caring during our stay. We left for home the next day and he has been doing well since then, he is able to walk without any pain, he can even drive and we have even gone on a few long trips after the surgery. He will also be able to go back to his sports after 2 months after as advised by the doctor. I believe he is a very nice doctor, give sufficient time to his patients, to understand their problems and gives a good advice.” – Wife of patient

Treatment: ACL Reconstruction

Patient Name: Mr. Vikalp

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Location: Bangalore

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