November, 2016

I am overwhelmed by the precision treatment from Dr Sreekanth Shetty

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I started developing chest pain while taking brisk walks since last 8 months & decided to visit the Cardiology Department of Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore on 12-10-2016. On consultation with Dr.Sreekanth Shetty, Head of the Cardiology Department and undergoing diagnostic tests, it was suggested that I undergo Angiogram which revealed that I had developed blockages in 3 arteries.Based on the advice of the doctor i decided to take further treatment and underwent Angioplasty by Dr. Sreekanth Shetty on 14-10-2016 wherein 3 stents were put. 

I was discharged from the hospital on 15-10-2016. I found the hospital very clean and tidy. The reception, insurance help desk, the assistance provided by the doctors and assistant staff of the Cardiology Department were excellent. I was overwhelmed by the down to earth mannerisms and precision of Angioplasty done by Dr. Sreekanth Shetty. i would also like to thank Mr. Bibin Phillip, and his team for taking very nice care of me while at the hospital. 

Lakshman Moochikal 

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