July, 2016

I am extremely thankful to you and Sakra Hospital

Knee replacement treatment in Bangalore

Dear Dr. Chandrashekar, I am Dr.Vasu - a junior orthopaedician. My mother was suffering from bilateral osteoarthritis which made her bedridden. I have consulted many orthopaedicians throughout India for knee replacement, but no one was ready to take the risk. All of them advised for conservative management. Finally, we got an appointment with you in Sakra Hospital. Initially, my mother refused the surgery but the way you convinced her for surgery was brilliant. During post op days also the care given by you and your team was wonderful. Now she can walk 2-3 km everyday and she can do her daily activities without anyone’s assistance. All these happened because of you Sir. I am extremely thankful to you and Sakra Hospital.

Puttarathnamma (both knee replacement, Mysore)

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