December, 2016

Dr Sadiq Sikora is the best gastro surgeon

Patient Testimonial - Dr. Sadiq Sikora, Best Gastro Surgeon in Bangalore

Hanuman ji is more prayed than Lord Rama. Likewise, Dr. Sadiq Sikora is giving good name and fame to Sakra World Hospital. I approached in name of the doctor. Hospital infrastructure is superb. Hospital staff is very sincere. I was informed of surgery at 7 a.m. it was done Sharp at 7. My concern was about the pain after surgery I am deeply moved to say it was a painless surgery. Most exciting experience lies with least medicines at the time of discharge, It was Rs155 for a period of a week. I can not think here. Even antibiotic is given which a patient can not remember. Doctor and his colleagues gave full attention. Their behavior was very good. My regards and good wishes to them all.​

For quality service, one has to pay. My advice for discount to university or teaching community may be considered if feasible at least superannuated

Regards and good wishes


Treatment Undergone: Gastrointestinal Surgery

Patient Name: Dr J L Upadhyay DDU Gorakhpur university, UP ( Retired )

Location: Bangalore

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