December, 2016

Dr Sadiq Sikora is the best gastro surgeon

Patient Testimonial - Dr. Sadiq Sikora, Best Gastro Surgeon in Bangalore

Hanuman ji is more prayed than Lord Rama. Likewise, Dr. Sadiq Sikora is giving good name and fame to Sakra World Hospital. I approached in name of the doctor. Hospital infrastructure is superb. Hospital staff is very sincere. I was informed of surgery at 7 a.m. it was done Sharp at 7. My concern was about the pain after surgery I am deeply moved to say it was a painless surgery. Most exciting experience lies with least medicines at the time of discharge, It was Rs155 for a period of a week. I can not think here. Even antibiotic is given which a patient can not remember. Doctor and his colleagues gave full attention. Their behavior was very good. My regards and good wishes to them all.‚Äč

For quality service, one has to pay. My advice for discount to university or teaching community may be considered if feasible at least superannuated

Regards and good wishes


Treatment Undergone: Gastrointestinal Surgery

Patient Name: Dr J L Upadhyay DDU Gorakhpur university, UP ( Retired )

Location: Bangalore

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