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August, 2016

Dr. Chandrashekar is the best surgeon for Hip Replacement

Patients Testimonial of Sakra World Hospital

Dear Dr. Chandrashekar, I would like to convey my thanks and deep sense of appreciation for the fantastic work that you and your team did when my mom underwent hip joint replacement, recently. I made a right decision of getting my mom all the way from Himachal Pradesh to Sakra Hospital and getting the surgery done from you. The entire ortho team including Dr. Banarji, Dr. Adarsh, Dr. Nataraj and other folks whose names I don’t know but were working behind the scenes to make our experience worth remembering deserve a special mention and big thanks. I wish you and your team all the very best. Please keep on doing the good work.

Bhuvnesh(Total Hip Replacement)


Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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