October, 2016

Dr. Chandrashekar is the best knee surgeon in Bangalore for ACL and Meniscus Tears

best knee surgeon in Bangalore

Hi All, I am a typical sports person used to play all outdoor games. Unfortunately, while playing badminton, I got my ACL and Meniscus injured, I made up my mind to go for a surgery and started exploring the best doctors in Bangalore and finally found Dr. Chandrashekar P.

He is an excellent doctor and his hand is very good. Now I have completed 4 months after surgery and already regained knee strength without any complications. His regular post-operative reviews helped me to the extent that is awesome.

I would finally say that, do not stop or end sports career because of ACL and meniscus tears. Make your mind and chose the best doctor and go for it. Dr. Chandrashekar P is one of the best doctors for Knee surgeries.

S Arun Kumar
Age: 31 years
Working at HAL

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