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July, 2016

Dr. Chandrashekar. P transforms the life of an individual tremendously

Knee replacement treatment in Bangalore

A change in lifestyle. A change in attitude. A change in spirit. Dr. Chandrashekar. P transforms the life of an individual tremendously. We, daughters of Mrs. Indramma promise you fellow readers, that our mother’s life has changed profoundly in the past 6 months.  If you would have had a casual conversation with her last year, you would have noticed a downhearted lady who hid her pain behind a very promising smile. Having grown up around an uplifting and dynamic mother, watching her exuberance slowly wilt was truly heartbreaking.

Our mother had been diagnosed with arthritis in the knees during her forty’s. As a hard-working Indian lady her routine never changed and still hasn’t. As caring family members, we all asked her to slow down but she never did. As years passed by, her energy decreased, as did her speed. Somehow, with the aid of herbal oils, tablets and treatments, she convinced herself that she was better and so did we. But it was only until 6 months ago she spoke up for herself and requested for a knee replacement surgery. Her condition had worsened so much that she couldn’t even walk from the living room to the kitchen without letting out a groan.

So our search for the best doctor began. As possessive daughters, we wanted the finest orthopedic surgeon there ever was. After very many appointments and fails we were recommended to Dr. Chandrashekar .P. That was the day her life changed. He assured our mother that her life would be just the way it was pre-arthritis. After meeting

Dr. Chandrashekar her fears vanished and decided for the surgery. After the hectic procedure and a good five weeks of post-op care and assistance, his vow stayed, she felt like herself again! Nothing gave us more joy than watching her get on with her life as a healthy, outgoing and striking individual. Dr. Chandrashekar .P is the most pre-eminent surgeon there is! He brought back a lost soul and for that, we are eternally grateful!

Words cannot express out gratitude towards this noble man.

Thank You.
Daughters of Mrs.Indramma


Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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