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July, 2016

Dr Banarji is one among the few best surgeons in Bangalore and may be in India

Arthroscopy treatment in Bangalore

I had a freak accident while playing football. I crashed on a wall and dislocated my left collar bone. My immediate action was to reach a good hospital in my vicinity. Living on Sarjapur Road my best choice was Sakra World hospital. I think, I was not wrong in my choice. I was referred to Dr Banarji B H. To my luck he is not only an orthopedic doctor but also specialized in arthroscopic shoulder surgeries which I felt is rear to get in Bangalore. The first look at the X-Ray, Dr Banarji suggested surgery. Going under the knife was the last thing I wanted. But Dr Banerji made me feel comfortable and very patiently explained how simple it is in case of arthroscopic surgery . The cuts and opening is less . Recovery is faster . I whatsapp the X ray to my friends who are Doctors . All suggested that surgery was inevitable . In fact one of my Doctor friend had forwarded it to the famous Doctor Angus Wallace from Nottingham who has operated on Flintoff , Srinath and likes . He also suggested surgery . Most of my doctor friends explained that arthroscopic surgery is quite new in India where as it pretty popular in Europe , America and other developed countries. .Most of the methods used in India are still the old conventional ways which are more painful and takes more time for recovery. Arthroscopic surgery are extensively used by sports personalities for sports related injuries because of faster recovery. What I could understand that arthroscopic surgery needs more accuracy and experience. There are very few such surgeons in India and especially for shoulders. Dr Banerji is one among the few we have in Bangalore and may be in India . He is fantastic , very cooperative , accommodating , approachable and confident . My surgery took about 45 minutes apart from pre and post recovery . The cuts are small , less painful and faster recovery though the full movement of the hand may take some time . But in case of other conventional method it would have surely taken more time. I would also like to mention Dr Adarsh – Asst to Dr Banarji , for his contribution and support towards Pre and Post Surgery which was tremendously appreciable and helpful . Last but not the least -SAKRA WORLD HOSPITAL, unlike many hospitals in Bangalore has a very relaxing and welcoming feel starting from the main lobby, the ambiance , equipment s , the staff and the nurses. The nurses were very calm , polite and overall very caring . Whether night or day , I found them very alert and attentive . I wish them all the very best for their future .



Dr. Banarji B.H

Senior Consultant - Orthopedics
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