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January, 2020

Dr. Balasubramanya solved my gum problem through laser therapy

My name is Alexandra Hearn and I had a problem of bleeding gums and alignment of teeth and I also wanted to get a dental implant for a missing tooth in my month.

I consulted Dr. BALASUBRAMANYA for my gum problem and was advised for LASER CURETTAGE AND DEBRIDMENT. Following the LASER THERAPY I noticed an immediate positive change in my oral hygiene and the bleeding from the gums also stopped eventually. 

I also consulted Dr. RAMYA MOHAN for DENTAL IMPLANT regarding the missing tooth and I must say the complete procedure of dental implant placement was uneventful and I did not feel any discomfort. The dental implant tooth gives a very natural look. 

Dr. ESHA SINGH attended to my irregularly placed teeth and advised me for INVISALIGN TREATMENT. Full INVISALIGN ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT was very comfortable and now all my teeth are aligned properly giving a good smile.

I am very happy and satisfied with the dental treatment I received by the SAKRA DENTAL TEAM. I highly recommend them.


Dr. Balasubramanya K.V

HOD & Senior Consultant - Periodontics
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