January, 2019

Breathing was very difficult for me but thanks to Sakra World Hospital, I can breathe freely now!

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On advice of my consultant Dr. Sachin Kumar, I joined Pulmonary Rehabilitation in your department under the able supervision of Ms Komal , I started on 23-6-2018 and attended 15 sessions till 10-8-18. Again I joined the followup session on 4-12-2018 for 9 sessions, which is about to complete.

I found it necessary to give you feedback of my experiences during Pulmonary Rehabilitation. When I joined for the first time on 23-6-2018 it was after hospitalisation (period 10-6-2018 to 14-6-2018) at Sakra World Hospital itself. My breathing condition was very bad. Although I recovered during hospitalisation but hardly able to walk and bathe. But it was miraculous change and I felt nice in all my activities after Pulmonary Rehabilitation exercises.

The equipments available at your department are very good and the physiotherapist Komal is extraordinary in her job. She is very much patient friendly, sincere and having thorough knowledge of her profession. All equipments are in very good working condition. The activities of the center were well managed.

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