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July, 2016

Breakthrough with Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Best knee Surgeon in India

Today, I am enjoying a sound sleep at night and am walking with a normal walking gait after suffering for over ten years. I owe it entirely to Dr. Chandrashekar from Sakra.

I have patiently borne the pain of arthritis on my knee for over the last decade. There is absolutely nothing that I have left unexplored:

  • Magnet therapy
  • Ayurvedic
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Steroid Injections
  • Footwear corrections

While alternate medicine streams provided me with relief, it was all short lived and momentary.

I consulted all the leading senior surgeons in Bangalore and left no stone unturned. The message from every knee surgeon was consistent - "You are too young to go for knee replacement. Also bear in mind that the life span of knee surgery is short (Max. 20 years). Given your young age my best advice is for you to endure the pain and buy time. Do swimming, lose weight, do physiotherapy and take medicines to help defer the surgery as much as you can."

As I patiently endured, my walking gait aggravated, my swollen knee was very evident, I was losing my confidence to attend social gatherings and became very conscious of my limp while walking.

The pain was getting worse with many many sleepless nights. After years of pain and increased suffering, the breakthrough had finally arrived.

I happened to visit Sakra to after accidently spraining my ankle. That was the first time I met Dr. Chandrashekar. His credentials were very impressive and this was the first time I got to know that he specialized in knee replacement surgery.

As I walked in I found that this Doc had an amazing aura around him and was able to easily connect with patients. He took great pains to understand my predicament, even though I didn't go to receive consultation regarding arthritis. He suggested that I explore partial replacement. He showed me videos of such corrections and finally put the onus back on me to take the final call. Here was the first time a Doc was suggesting an intermediate surgery that could help me.

He was extremely confident of both - relieving the pain and correcting the knock knee gait. I was thrilled but unsure if I should subject myself to a surgery. Alternate treatments weren’t as risky and partial knee replacement was a new age surgery that is still in its early phases of development. I was tensed and googled the process and realized it was a new and advanced technology with very few surgeons trained to perform the surgery.

I did check about Dr. Chandrashekar with some of my other Doc friends and then finally decided to trust his skill.

The surgery was long and intense but Doc succeeded in delivering partial knee replacement.

Here I am today walking normally all thanks to doctor's very able and skillful hands. I know I have insured my leg in safe hands.

Post-surgery, I hit the gym in 2 weeks’ time. Along with the surgery, I would emphasis that Physio plays a major role post-surgery. Again, I would thank doc for suggesting a skilled knowledgeable Physio for me. I diligently went through the therapy every day for 3 months.

Today I am relieved of my pain and have regained my self-confidence.

Wishing many years of continued success to Dr. Chandrashekar to serve the community.

Shoba Prasad


Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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