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February, 2021

A whole-hearted thank you to Dr. Dheeraj and team for successfully getting me out of this difficult health situation.

Interventional Radiologist in Bangalore

Dear Dr. Dheeraj,

Please find below a short write up on how happy I am about my experience with your treatment at Sakra. Please note I wrote this more as feedback for you rather than Sakra. I couldn't find anywhere I could post this feedback directly to you (such as Google or Practo). I have posted the review on Sakra's google review page, however. Once again thank you very much for getting me out of the difficult situation I was in.

I was referred to Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Tiwari, by my pulmonologist for loculated empyema. I had basically two options for my condition--surgery or chest tube drainage. I had three separate loculations for which surgery was the more preferred option. I was really really scared of surgery especially when I was told that the risk was comparable to a bypass heart surgery. Dr. Dheeraj analyzed my CT scan reports first and checked all my chest X-Ray images. He then did a preliminary ultrasound first and analyzed how best he could drain the loculations. He was very certain about what would work. Absolutely no hesitation whatsoever. I was asked to be admitted the next day and the procedure went exactly as he had planned. A repeat chest- X ray and a CT scan confirmed that the loculations were drained completely. It is the exact outcome I was praying for.  Since the procedure, I have had an opportunity to meet Dr. Dheeraj during several of my follow-up visits. 

Dr. Dheeraj presents a rare combination of a doctor who is very very skilled in his trade and at the same time is very reassuring to talk to.  He will patiently answer every question of yours regardless of however elementary or irrelevant it is.  Dr. Dheeraj, in my view, recognizes the uniqueness of each patient's experience and is able to relate to the patients at a level that puts them in a positive frame of mind. Dr. Dheeraj, who has access to state of the art medical infrastructure at Sakra, is ably assisted by his junior Dr. Dheeraj Shyam and the team of nurses. A whole-hearted thank you to Dr. Dheeraj and team for successfully getting me out of this difficult health situation.

Patient Name: Makesh

Testimonials By: Makesh


Dr. Dheeraj Tiwari

Senior Consultant - Interventional Radiology
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