Department of Ophthalmology at Sakra provides comprehensive eye care for all the needy patients who need help. We are equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatre, surgical microscope phacoemulsification machine and microsurgical instruments. And also the department boasts of an array of state of the art equipment like visual refraction unit, slit lamp bio microscope, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, operating microscope, and phacoemulsification.


The Outpatient department is well equipped to cater to diverse eye diseases. Preventive eye check-up emphasises on the early detection, prevention and cure of eye problems if any. Evaluation and medical management of glaucoma, retina diseases and squint is routinely done in addition to complete care of anterior segment of the eye.

Key Procedures

Dr. Sirish Nelivigi.

Senior Consultant - Opthalmology

Dr. Sandeep Suresh Patil.

Associate Consultant - Opthalmology

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