Doctors see usual Covid symptoms of cold, fever among new patients

BENGALURU The number of Covid 19 cases is increasing by the day but according to city doctors none of the patients is displaying any alarming new symptoms or needs hospitalisation Stressing that this does not mean lowering one s guard and not following Covid protocols doctors from various hospitals say the usual symptoms of fever cold chills and headache accompanied by diarrhoea are common among the new patients Dr Sachin Kumar senior consultant pulmonology critical care medicine Sakra World Hospital told STOI there has been a slight increase in number of patients with acute respiratory symptoms coming to their emergency wing as well as OPD Typically they have upper respiratory tract symptoms similar to any viral illness consisting of cough sore throat and high fever for initial two to three days Diarrhoea also is common in these patients said Dr Kumar adding that so far the numbers and symptoms are not severe

Source : The Times of India