Dr. Dinesh Kini - Best Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Dinesh Kini

Director - Gastroenterology & Hepatology
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) DM (Gastroenterology)

Years of Expertise - 22

Area of Expertise - Special area of interest Liver, Biliary Diseases, RFA (Radio Frequency Abrasion) for liver cancer, Therasphere (Y 99) for patients with liver cancer, Transjugular liver biopsy, TIPSS for patients with end-stage liver disease, Retrievable metal stenting for benign bile duct problems, Fibroscan for patients with liver disease, Triple side to side biliary metal stenting for bile duct and pancreatic cancer, Spyglass and Holmium Laser Lithotripsy for large bile duct stone.


Dr. Sadiq S Sikora - Best Gastroenterologist in Bangalore

Dr. Sadiq Sikora

Director - Gastrointestinal Surgery

Years of Expertise - 31

Area of Expertise - Dr. Sadiq Sikora has a vast experience of 25 years of conducting specialized surgical procedures which includes “Living related liver transplantation”, complex “Pancreaticobiliary” resections for both benign and malignant disease, “Liver resections, esophageal resections, surgery for portal hypertension and colorectal disorders”. His major contributions are in the area of bile duct injury repairs, Biliary and Pancreatic cancers, innovative techniques in Esophagus resection, Pancreatic surgery and Hepaticojejunostomy. Imparting training for a “safe cholecystectomy” (gallbladder removal) and preventing bile duct injury are his passion. AREA OF EXPERTISE:   HEPATO-PANCREATICO-BILIARY (HPB) SURGERY , SURGICAL GI ONCOLOGY, ADVANCED LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY, LIVER TRANSPLANTATION.


Dr. Kishore GSB - Best Liver Transplant Surgeons in Bangalore

Dr. Kishore GSB

Senior Consultant, Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery & Liver Transplantation
MBBS, MS (Surgery) DNB (Surgery) MCh (Surgical Gastro), Master of HPB Surgery

Years of Experience - 9

Area of Expertise - He is competent in the peri-operative management of both adult and pediatric patients with acute liver failure, acute on chronic liver failure and chronic liver disease. He has performed many complex resections for tumors of the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts and pancreas. He also has experience in performing major hepatobiliary surgeries in infants and children. He has contributed towards peer-reviewed publications in leading journals of the specialty.


Dr Amruthesh TM - Best Gastroenterologists in Bangalore | Best Endoscopy Doctor

Dr. Amruthesh T.M

Consultant - Gastroenterology & Hepatology
MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) DM (Gastroenterology)

Years of Experience - 14

Area of Expertise - He has gained extensive experience in managing complex GI and Liver cases and performing Endoscopic procedures. He has a special interest in Fibroscan, ERCP and Endoscopic Ultrasound.


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Dr. Sachin S Shetty - Best Gastrointestinal Surgeon in Bangalore | Surgical Gastroenterologists

Dr. Sachin S Shetty

Associate Consultant - Surgery
DM- Gastroenterology

Years of Experience - 8

Area of Expertise - He is specialized in managing complicated hepatobiliary cases and handles advanced endoscopic interventions. He has also performed many complex ERCP, Spyglass and EUS guided procedures.


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Dr. Manoj Kumar R - Sakra World Hospital

Dr. Manoj Kumar R

Dr. Manoj Kumar R is an Upper Gastrointestinal,hepatopancreatobiliary, minimally invasive and Bariatric Surgeon in Bellandur

Years of Experience - 8

Area of Expertise -  Laparoscopic surgery of stomach, gallbladder, liver transplant, pancreas, as well as Piles Treatment (Non-Surgical), Piles Surgery, Fistula Surgery, and Constipation etc.


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Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Dr. Prasanna Bhat K S

Dr. Prasanna Bhat is a well-qualified consultant at Sakra World Hospital in Hepatology and Liver Transplant.

Years of Experience - 3

Area of Expertise - His area of Expertise are Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Vascular liver diseases, Liver cirrhosis, Liver transplant.


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Dr. Somyaa Khuller - Best General Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Somyaa Khuller

Consultant - Surgery
DNB, General Surgery

Years of Experience - 10

Area of Expertise - She is one of the very few surgeons providing cutting-edge video assisted anal fistula treatment ( VAAFT) and endoscopic pilonidal sinus surgery (EPSiT)


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At Sakra World Hospital, the Institute of Digestive and HPB Sciences has two divisions, i.e., Medical Gastroenterology and Surgical Gastroenterology and HPB (Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary) Surgery. The institute comprises a highly skilled team of Gastroenterologists who strive to provide best of services for gastrointestinal, liver, pancreas and biliary diseases.  

The medical division has diagnostic endoscopy facilities along with interventional procedures for GI, Liver, and Biliopancreatic disorders. Also, it provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to treat conditions like digestive diseases, liver, and pancreatic-biliary diseases. It has one separate unit for treating patients suffering from gastrointestinal and severe liver disorders.

The surgical division has well-developed infrastructure and highly advanced equipment for early detection of disorders, diagnosis and surgical treatment for complicated diseases. Our specialised team has extensive experience and expertise in handling procedures like minimally invasive organ-preserving surgery, pancreas care program, bariatric surgery and gastrointestinal oncology program.

The Institute of Gastroenterology provides out-patient, in-patient as well as domiciliary care to the patients. The team is efficient in providing comprehensive, multidisciplinary care to patients suffering from various gastrointestinal diseases, eliminating the toughest of problems with efficiency and accuracy. The institute treats each of its cases with Sakra’s philosophy of patient well-being, providing all patients with world-class, personalised treatment and compassionate care.


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