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Best Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore

Following a bright academic performance in school, capped by topping School at the Board exams (I.C.S.E.), he secured admission to the prestigious St John’s Medical College & Hospital, Bangalore. Over the next nearly 18 years at this institution, he completed his entire medical training from M.B.B.S, to Masters in General Surgery (M.S.), culminating in Masters in super-specialty training (M. Ch. Plastic Surgery), before going on to work as faculty here, where he was promoted relatively quickly to the position of Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery. Stepping out of St. John’s, he did a brief stint at Sakra, before embarking on a Fellowship in Breast, Hand and Microsurgery at Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here, he also obtained invaluable exposure to aesthetic surgery in Toronto, Canada.  Upon his return to India, he was attached to a number of leading corporate hospitals across the city (Vydehi Super speciality Hospital, Trustwell hospital, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Agadi Hospital, and Vasavi Hospital) as a Visiting Consultant, before re-joining Sakra World hospital as a senior consultant in Plastic surgery.

Dr. Narender believes strongly in upholding the highest ethical values as a medical practitioner, and his value system is centred on patient safety. As a plastic surgeon, he is passionate about two branches- aesthetic surgery and microvascular surgery. His training and work at the high-volume plastic surgery centre of St. John’s, followed by the fellowship in Canada have given him tremendous exposure in both these key areas of plastic surgery. To bolster this further, he has attended many focused training programs on select areas within these branches. His areas of expertise include rhinoplasty, breast surgery, abdominoplasty, facial surgery, aesthetic facial rejuvenation with use of Botox, fillers, HIFU technology, thread lifts and ear reconstruction. 

Dr Narender is considered a soft-spoken, dedicated & compassionate doctor by his patients. His motto is to deliver high quality professional care with a human touch. 
Qualifications of Dr. Narender Manickavachakan are:
  • Hands on Training Fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery from International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine(IICSAM), Cosmoworld Healthcare, Agra
  • Visiting Scholar from Center for Aesthetic surgery (Toronto), Plastic Surgery Clinic,(Mississauga), Facial Surgery Clinic (Toronto)
  • Fellowship in microvascular, breast and hand surgery from Dalhousie University, QEII health sciences  center, Halifax, Nova  Scotia, Canada
  • M. Ch. (Plastic  Surgery) from St John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, India 
  • M.S.(General Surgery) from St John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • M.B.B.S St John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore
  • Fellowship in Breast, Hand and Microsurgery
Areas of expertise of Dr. Narender Manickavachakan are:
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Microvascular, Breast & Hand surgery
  • Rhinoplasty 
  • Breast surgery
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Facial surgery
  • Aesthetic facial rejuvenation with the use of Botox
  • Fillers 
  • HIFU technology, 
  • Thread lifts
  • Ear reconstruction
Awards of Dr. Narender Manickavachakan are:
  • 2nd Best paper at the Bangalore Surgical Society meet, June 2009 – entitled  “ Incidence of bacteraemia in acute calculus cholecystitis” 
  • 2nd place at the Karnataka State Surgical quiz competition held in Bangalore  in November 2009. 
  • First Prize in Otolaryngology in 2003. 
  • First Prize in Pharmacology in 2001. 
  • First Place at the qualifying Board examination in School (1997) REFERENCES: 
  • Dr Vijay Joseph M.S., M. Ch. (Plastic )
Dr. Narender Manickavachakan has published:
  • Narender M, Sunderraj Ellur, Vijay Joseph, and Johnathan Victor: Flap  surgery in a patient with severe Hemophilia type A; Indian Journal of Plastic  Surgery May-August 2017 / Volume 50 / Issue 2 
  • Narender M, Naren Shetty, and Vijay Joseph: Use of three dimensional  reconstruction model in ear reconstruction surgery: Original article; Journal of  Evidence Based Med. Healthcare. 2018; 5(9), 814-816. 
  • Narender M, Maheshwari J, Rajendran SC, Aniketh V: Resurfacing for a  patient with Extensive Nevus Comedonicus- Journal of Cutaneous and aesthetic  surgery 2018;11:33-7  
  • Johnathan Victor, Naren Shetty, Narender M.; Electrical burns of the scalp an algorithmic approach: Indian journal of burns December 2017 Volume: 25,  Issue : 1, Page : 44-51  
  • Smart apps for the smart plastic surgeon—An update Aniketh Venkataram, Mayur Shetty, Sunderraj Ellur, and Narender Manikavachakan Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2016 Jan-Apr; 49(1): 123– 124 
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