Dr.Hirachand Shripad Mutagi - Anaesthesiologist at Sakra World Hospital

Dr. Hirachand S Mutagi

Senior Consultant - Pain Management


Department - Pain Management

Dr Hirachand Mutagi is a Consultant Pain Management and Anaesthesiologist at Sakra World Hospital. He has moved from his role as the head of a tertiary care pain management department at The Dudley Group of hospitals in England. He has acquired skills in the field of pain management from world leaders and has an exemplary record in educating pain physicians of newer generation. He is passionate about bringing a world class pain services to Bangalore. He is an expert in the field of Musculoskeletal Medicine, Neuropathic (nerve pain) conditions and persistent cancer pain.

He has a wide-ranging experience in assisting desperate patients with persistent pain and promotes patient centric individual management plan. He has a particular interest in radiofrequency nerve ablation, neuromodulation implant therapies, and severe cancer pain. While he is well-versed in medical management (medicines), his skills stand out in non-surgical management of musculoskeletal pain (back pain, neck pain, spine pain, tendon pathologies, and nerve entrapments). He has mentored novice neuromodulation  implanters backed by experience of implantable treatments for persistent pain like spinal cord stimulators for nerve pain (for post laminectomy pain, post spine surgery persistent pain CRPS, Post surgical persistent pain), intrathecal pumps for severe cancer pain and spasticity. He takes particular interest in non-surgical radiofrequency therapy for trigeminal neuralgias that can be severe enough for desperate patients to consider suicide.

Dr. H Mutagi completed his undergraduate medical training from Jawaharlal Nehru medical college, Belgaum. He secured his post graduation in anaesthetics and pain management at the prestigious “PostGraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh”. Being unsatisfied with his academic achievements, he then moved to UK and completed his training in Anaesthetics and Advanced Pain Management at the Birmingham School of Anaesthesia. During this period, he was conferred an FRCA by the Royal college of Anaesthetists, London. He was found suitable enough to step into the vacant post at the prestigious tertiary care “Dudley Centre for Pain Management & Neuromodulation”.  After contributing in the growth and expansion of services in his early consultant career, he served as the head of the department for 3 years. He boasts of his 8 years experience as a consultant in Pain Management at a regional tertiary care pain department

Dr Mutagi has an enviable academic record demonstrated over 50 national / international publications and presentations. His Research Gate (website) score of 25.99 and Impact factor of 69.5 are further evidence to his keen interest in achieving excellence in his chosen speciality. He is an honorary lecturer at the University of Birmingham, Faculty at the Aberdeen Lumbar Radiofrequency Cadaver workshops, and Faculty at the Brighton university Anatomy module trainer.  He is an invited speaker at international conference on emerging technology in Neuromodulation during august 2014.

Dr. Mutagi strong roots and passion to provide his skills in his homeland have made him to relocate to Bangalore. His skills in pain management are well recognised in England. He has been instrumental in securing a “Neurotherm Radiofrequency Training Centre” status to his place of work. Needless to say, he excels in delivering radiofrequency ablation therapy at all feasible sites from head to toe (cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, Spinal nerve roots non-destructive radiofrequency). He has particular interest in sacroiliac joint radiofrequency ablation in which he has contributed as an author in textbooks. As part of his non-surgical therapies for pain control, he is well versed in vertebroplasty, sacroplasty, Prolotherapy and targeted manual therapy.

Dr. Mutagi is an advocate of providing patients with a wide array of treatments to ensure that pain treatment is tailored to each patient’s unique pain profile. All patients enduring pain on a day-to-day basis can have their lives immeasurably improved with advanced pain treatment. Dr. Mutagi has not only kept a brace with emerging trends, but has evolved himself sufficiently to be a trainer in ultrasound guided interventions at international workshops. A keen proponent for optimising healthcare cost, he uses his clinical skills to optimise pain management tailored to an individual.

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