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November, 2020

Diet is More Important Than Brushing

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Mouth-body connection is the best way to monitor our health — and that our diet is the cause of many problems in our mouth including rotten teeth to inflamed gums. Tooth tissue loss is a common condition and is a pathological, non-carious irreversible loss of tooth tissue, often having a multifactorial aetiology.  Dietary counselling that aims to reduce the intake of products that can exacerbate tooth wear needs to be tailored to an individual.

The diet and food combinations:  It is well known that dietary substances such as soft drinks and abrasive foods cause tooth structure loss. The curried food and alcoholic beverages citrus food are all acidic in nature and cause erosion of tooth structure.  Vegetable oils and white flour are refined carbs, so anything with white flour has a very similar metabolic effect to sugar by creating cavities.

Saliva:  Individuals with salivary gland disorders often find themselves having poor oral hygiene with multiple cavities. Saliva plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of tooth structure. The saliva creates an instant buffering effect against the acidic food challenges and could therefore reduce the foodstuffs erosive potential. Nutrient-dense foods, low in empty calories, processed sugars, acidic ingredients, and artificial sugars, help promote healthy saliva that can protect teeth throughout the day.

Brushing:  Brush twice a day for at least two minutes, morning and night.
The force applied, toothpaste concentration, brushing technique and model of brush all play an important role in tooth structure loss. We should be using a soft bristle with a flexible head toothbrush which should be regularly changed after 3 months of use.  Toothpaste containing fluoride have been shown to help reduce and prevent tooth structure loss. 
If you are having a problem with chewing food or if you have cavities then consult the best dentist in Bangalore.

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