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November, 2020

Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement Surgery among 70 Plus: Busting Myths And Getting Facts Right

total knee replacement surgery in bangalore

It is a common misconception that a total knee replacement surgery, a procedure that brings back the weight-bearing ability of a damaged, worn or diseased knee joint with the aim of eliminating the pain and restoring mobility, may not be viable for patients above 70 years. However, that’s not what the fact is. The growing age has nothing to do with knee replacement surgery. It is not wise to think that those above 70 years should not go for the procedure. The fact is a majority of patients undergoing this procedure are above 65 to 70 years. Also, the latest study conducted by the National Centre of Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has shown that the maximum success rate of the clinical output of a knee replacement surgery is seen on those above the age of 70 years. In order to get the optimal output of a total knee replacement surgery and extend its benefits to super seniors (those within the age bracket of 70 to 90 years and on), it is essential to know the facts and bust out the existing myths. 

Busting myths related to total knee replacement surgery

It does not involve a prolonged stay on the bed: While most people tend to believe that a knee replacement surgery requires a person to be on the bed for a prolonged duration following the procedure, the truth is that with the improved recovery protocols these days, the patient can walk on the very same day of the surgery. Thus, one can negate the fear of getting restricted to bed for a long time after the procedure. 
One can flexibly bend their knees following a total knee replacement surgery: It is a common misconception that after a total knee replacement surgery, the patient is unable to bend his or her knees. However, the fact is one can bend his or her knees completely after a knee replacement procedure. Most of the new implants allow a normal range of knee-joint movement which is considerably flexible. 
There is no chance of the body rejecting an implant post a total knee replacement procedure: People think that their body will reject a foreign object being inserted into the body as they are unaware of the fact that the artificial joints are made of special metal which is compatible with the human body and can be there without any side effects.  Those avoiding a total knee replacement surgery out of the fear of the side-effects of the implants may be ensured otherwise. 
Knee replacement surgery is not a high-risk procedure and is not generally accompanied by a procedure failure: Total Knee replacement surgeries do not have high-risk and it is a wrong notion to think that they fail most of the time. The only risk of such procedures could be the risk of infection and nothing else. Knee replacement surgery can also be performed on patients who underwent coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), angioplasty, and pacemaker.   
In case the surgery fails, there is certainly a chance to repair it again: It is a myth that in case the surgery fails, there will not be any option to repair it. However, the fact is in case if surgery fails, the chance of which is significantly low, the orthopaedic surgeon in Bangalore may perform a second surgery, also known as a revision surgery after examining the factors that led to the first surgery and considering the overall health of the patient.
Total knee replacement surgery lasts for a lifetime: A lot of people tend to believe that total knee replacement surgery may not last for more than 10 years. However, it actually lasts for the lifetime, thanks to the improved quality of surgery and advanced techniques used in the surgery. 

Why must you go for a total knee replacement surgery if required?

Total knee replacement surgery comes with a host of benefits:

  • It provides relief from pain: A total knee replacement surgery works wonder in alleviating the excruciating knee pain one experiences when walking, running, standing or even sitting and lying down. 
  • It can enhance mobility: Knee surgery can be the perfect dose of improving mobility in case the knee pain prevents one from walking long or short distances. The surgery can help one walk, climb stairs painlessly without the help of any support. 
  • It provides a better treatment response: In case one's chronic knee inflammation and swelling do not improve with rest or other treatments, a total knee replacement could be the best option to get rid of the condition. It is always better to go for a knee replacement procedure and get long-term relief rather than using medications, especially opioid pain relievers as they may cause complications



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