Back Ache in Early Pregancy | Management Of Backache in Early Pregnancy


February, 2024

Dealing With Back Pain While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a transformative journey. It can also bring about certain discomforts. Among these back pain is a complaint, among mothers. As your body goes through changes to accommodate your growing baby it's crucial to understand the causes, symptoms, and effective strategies for relieving and managing back pain during pregnancy. In this blog post, we will delve into aspects of pain during pregnancy and provide practical tips to help you find relief and experience a more comfortable journey.

1. Understanding the Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy;

  •  Hormonal changes and their impact on joints and ligaments.
  •  Weight. How it affects the spine and posture.
  •  Shifts in the center of gravity and their influence on balance.
  •  Muscle. Weakened core strength.
  •  The role of stress and emotional factors in exacerbating discomfort.
2. Identifying the Symptoms of Back Pain during Pregnancy;
  •  Pain, in the lower back or pelvis.
  •  Radiating pain that extends down the legs (sciatica).
  •  Muscle. Tightness.
  •  Difficulty moving or standing for prolonged periods.

Experiencing discomfort while sitting or lying down.

1. Effective and Safe Methods, for Managing Back Pain;
  • Maintaining posture and body mechanics.
  • Engaging in exercise specifically designed for pregnancy such as yoga or swimming.
  • Performing stretches and strengthening exercises to target the back and core muscles.
  • Using pillows and cushions to improve sleeping and sitting positions.
  • Applying heat or cold therapy to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.
  • Consider assistance, such as care or physical therapy.
2. Lifestyle. Self Care Suggestions;
  • Choosing footwear with adequate arch support.
  • Utilizing a maternity support belt to relieve pressure on the back.
  • Practicing relaxation techniques like breathing and mindfulness.
  • Engaging in stress-reducing activities such as massage or acupuncture.
  • Avoid periods of standing or sitting in one position.
  • Maintaining a diet to support health and well-being.
3. Knowing When to Seek Medical Attention;
  • Experiencing back pain that hinders daily activities.
  • Noticing numbness, tingling, or weakness, in the legs.
  • Encountering bladder or bowel dysfunctions.
If any investigations need to be done during pregnancy for the spine - an MRI is the safest for the mother and baby 

In conclusion, experiencing back pain while being pregnant is happening. It doesn't have to overshadow this extraordinary period in your life. By comprehending the causes identifying the symptoms and adopting strategies you can successfully. Relieve back pain. Remember to prioritize self-care seek assistance, from professionals when necessary, and embrace the journey of pregnancy while taking care of your emotional health.



Dr Arjun Srivatsa

Senior Consultant & Head of the Department of Neurosciences

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