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March, 2020

Coping with Covid 19 Anxiety

coping with COVID-19 anxiety

As we all know that corona facet affects our society and it impacts each person in different ways. The disruptions to daily life are already being felt by many, Last week a female techie presented with symptoms of anxiety, related to transition at work, routine and schedule. Where she reported that she has a timeline project to submit. Meanwhile, her daughter is not well and she has to work from home. These things created a panic in her whether “she will be able to manage it or not”. She mentioned, earlier she used to drop her daughter at a daycare centre, now it is closed. We all are thinking about what could happen in the coming weeks, as we hope to slow the spread of this pandemic. Feelings of anxiety and confusion are completely normal during times like this.

Coping with Covid - 19 anxiety and stressful transition through collective efforts we can face this:

  1. Don’t panic about change in routine, these are just things we all can manage with proper efforts
  2. It is normal to feel sad, anxious, scared and confused during the crisis
  3. Follow accurate public health safety  measures and guidelines provided by the WHO and government
  4. Don’t believe or spread rumours
  5. Always check the information that you receive from social media
  6. Learn about the disease and assess the risks
  7. Avoid public places
  8. “Do care for yourself. Wash hands or use sanitizer before and after touching eye, nose or mouth.”
  9. Practice food safety, take food that is well cooked
  10. Stick to a daily routine
  11. Adopt healthy coping strategies like playing with children, connecting with friends through online, watching favourite programs
  12. Spend time with children, reassure them that they are safe
  13. Listen to their concerns and worries
  14. Limit their social media exposure
  15. Always remember “you are not alone”                    

Dr. Jamuna Kakarla


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