multiple health issues .. but doctors were very precise with their treatment plan.
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March, 2019

I had multiple health issues .. but doctors were very precise with their treatment plan.

multiple health issues - sakra world hospital

I was undergoing treatment at Delhi for last 6 months, but my daughter advised me to come to Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore and meet the Gastro team here. 27th Feb I came from Assam and had a discussion with Dr. Dinesh Kini about my  condition where he suggested I have to undergo “Sigmoid Colectomy” to determine the problem (bleeding from Rectum). Dr. was very precise with his treatment. There was no blood at that time and he advised me to get hospitalized, as surgery is required. That is when I got also introduced to Dr. Sadiq Sikora & Dr. Kishore GSB. 5th March my surgery was done laproscopically, and the tumor was removed along with Gall-bladder & appendix. All the 3 surgical procedures were performed  very well and I was told not to worry. After 2 days I was moved to the ward, where I spent another 4 days. The stay was very comfortable & peaceful. Everyone was very kind & cooperative.

As I am also a Cardiac patient (have a pacemaker implant), So they jointly made a team and all my conditions were kept into consideration before the treatment plan was given to me. Dr.’s from Cardiology dept also visited me time to time to take a check on me. Doctors/surgeons from each dept. who came to attend to me were courteous, cordial & very experienced. I am really thankful to them for their course of treatment and would always be indebted to them especially Dr. Kini, Dr. Sikora, & Dr. Kishore for their kind attention toward me.
Best of Luck Sakra World Hospital, I’ll be coming back again for your advice and help. Thanks a lot.

Patient Name: Mr. Indra Kanta Saikia (Patient from Assam, underwent Sigmoid Colectomy)

Testimonials By: Mr. Indra Kanta Saikia


Dr. Sadiq Saleem Sikora

Director - Gastrointestinal Surgery and Liver Transplantation

Dr. Kishore GSB

Senior Consultant - Hpb & Liver Transplant Surgery
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