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July, 2016

I can do all the activities which I could not before

Knee Resurfacing Surgery

Dear Dr. Chandrashekar, I am Basavaraju, 47 years from Mandya and I was suffering from severe knee pain and was not able to perform normal activities with ease. I showed myself to many hospitals around the state but I didn’t get right treatment. I was suffering from moderate arthritis so I was either asked to go for knee replacement or wait until it becomes severe as I was young for major operations. I contacted you in Sakra World Hospital and you explained me in detail about the osteoarthritis and how to tackle my problem since I was young and my arthritis condition was not very severe. I am happy today that I undertook knee resurfacing surgery and I can do all activities which I could not before. I thank you a lot for giving me new life.

Basavaraju (47 year old, underwent Knee Resurfacing Surgery from Mandya)


Dr. Chandrashekar P.

Director - Orthopaedics
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