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July, 2022

Alignment of teeth

The procedure was slightly challenging to adjust to but it was worth it ...

Treatment: Teeth Alignment

Patient Name: Kushal Agarwal

Testimonials By: Kushal Agarwal

Location: Bangalore


June, 2022

I wish Dr. Ramya and her team continued success in their career.

I'm regularly availing treatment for my dental issue from Sakra for the last couple of ...


May, 2022

Thanks to Dr. Ramya and his team to bring back my smile. Today I am able to smile confidently with their support.

We visited the doctor 2 years back with severe gum infection and loose teeth issue. ...


December, 2020

patient testimonial

Dr. Ramya's works is so good. Dr. Esha Singh is so kind. I am really satisfied. Thank you for helping me.

I am Priyanka. Last few months I had been suffering from oral infection so I ...

Patient Name: Priyanka

Testimonials By: Priyanka


January, 2020

Dr Balasubramanya helped stop the bleeding from my gums

I consulted Dr. Balasubramanya regarding bleeding from the gums and was advised to undergo periodontal ...


January, 2020

Dr. Balasubramanya solved my gum problem through laser therapy

My name is Alexandra Hearn and I had a problem of bleeding gums and alignment ...


September, 2019

Extremely thankful for Dr. Balasubramanya for curing my periodontitis

Dr. Balasubramanya fixes the patients gum problem (periodontitis) and goes through the successful right treatment.



February, 2019

Dentists in Bangalore

Patient speaks about his dental treatment at Sakra World Hospital

Patient Testimonial from a satisfied patient who underwent dental treatment for trauma to the teeth ...


December, 2018

testimonials by shinji miyamoto

Laser dentistry helped cure my dental problems

Mr. Shinji Miyamoto from Japan came to us with multiple dental troubles and under the ...

Treatment: Laser dentistry

Patient Name: Mr Shinji Miyamoto

Testimonials By: Mr Shinji Miyamoto


February, 2018

Patient Testimonial | Juan Gonzalez Successful Root Canal Treatment - Sakra World Hospital

Patient Testimonial - Juan Gonzalez

Juan Gonzalez, plays for the Bangalore Football club, needed to get a root canal treatment ...

Patient Name: Juan Gonzalez

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