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Advanced Home Monitoring System

The Advanced home monitoring system is the most intriguing change in the Healthcare climate which enhanced the Adoption of virtual healthcare services. AHMS is inclusive of collection, transmission, evaluation and both way communication of patient remote data with the help of Bluetooth. This makes the lives of both parties easy and convenient to deal with any hospital services

Virtual healthcare refers to "virtual visits" between patients and clinicians that take place through communications technology — the audio and video connectivity that allows "virtual" meetings to occur in real time, from any location

How Does “Advanced Home Monitoring System” operate?

The Advanced Home Monitoring System works better in order to evaluate the health condition of the patients with the help of a web platform. These include,

  • After evaluating the discharge summary, our PFCO team decides the condition that can be managed remotely and starts a remote patient monitoring programme to provide patients with an AHMS service. Remote patient monitoring gathers a variety of patient health information, such as blood pressure, heart rate, SPO2, GRBS, temperature etc.
  • A device for gathering health data is given to the patient. Devices for remote patient monitoring must be electronically networked, which is typically done through Bluetooth or cellular networking.
  • Once the device is configured properly, remote data is recorded by the device and then sent via a web application from the patient to the hospital command centre.
  • The command centre team reviews this data and, on the guidance of the treating consultant, provides the patient with health and wellness advice and recommendations. Additionally, through the AHMS WEB Platform, patients can have a direct video consultation with the doctor.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring helps in many different ways. These include,

Which Patients would benefit from Remote Monitoring?

After a patient is discharged from the hospital, AHMS continuous tracking establishes a link between the patient and the hospital. Patients such as,

To make the entire hospital services easy for both patients and health care providers, Advance Home Monitoring System is one of the most interesting trends to adapt to get every work done conveniently. Virtual healthcare entails the electronic data interchange of patient health information and diagnostic reports with the doctor, which allows them to make efficient diagnostic assessments of a patient's medical conditions.

Virtual healthcare makes use of various technologies to achieve particular healthcare delivery and patient safety goals. It includes, for example, training and education of local healthcare staff, public awareness, ensuring continuity in healthcare delivery, allowing patients to access their own health information, using evidence-based therapeutic interventions, and so on. All of these measures contribute to providing high-quality patient care.

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