Dr. Naveen Jayaram - Top Psychiatrists in Bangalore

Dr. Naveen Jayaram

Attending Consultant - Psychiatry
MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)

Years of Experience - 10

Area of Expertise - His areas of interest are Addiction Medicine, Stress Management, Hypnotherapy and Panic & Anxiety disorder.


Dr. Jamuna Kakarla - psychiatrist at Sakra World Hospital

Dr. Jamuna Kakarla

Dr. Jamuna Kakarla has trained extensively in psychological assessments and psychotherapies.

Years of experience - 4

Area of Expertise - Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Marriage/ Marital Counselling, Psychotherapy Adult, Mood Disorders, Psychological diagnosis (adult and child), ADHD Problems and Parent management Training [PMT], Behaviour & Thought Problems, Personality Assessment, Grief Counselling, Individual psychotherapy, Substance abuse/ Deaddiction, Child and Adolescent Problems/ emotional, Neuropsychological assessment/ Cognitive remediation.


The Department of Psychiatry at Sakra World Hospital aims to heal the mind and spirit by helping out with all the psychiatric concerns of the patients. Several factors like Urbanization, stressful job, lifestyle changes and loneliness among elders have become significant mental health challenges in recent times. Our psychiatrists understand this, and their treatment is based on providing psychological and physical well-being.

Our team is dedicated to listen and to understand the patients, offering them care with utmost compassion. The department delivers comprehensive evaluation and management of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, OCD, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, health anxieties, etc. The department has an outpatient de-addiction facility for substance abuse; alcohol, cannabis, etc. Also, our psychiatrists offer counselling and management of gaming/cell phone addiction and internet addiction.

We have a team of specialists including top psychiatrists in Bangalore, who follow a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach for the full spectrum of counselling services to the patients. We provide special counselling on several factors to enhance the quality of life. This includes stress management and relaxation, quitting tobacco abuse, Sleep hygiene, dieting and engaging in physical activities.

Our psychiatrists have few key areas of focus, including management of children and adolescent problems like difficulty in studies, autism and learning disabilities and comprehensive evaluation of senior citizens for memory disturbances and other disorders.


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