March, 2019

Sakra patients Testimonials

The pain was unbearable, but then I met Dr. Rajendra

I am Ms. Sahana Patil from Thalikote. My both legs were swollen and with each ...

Patient Name: Ms. Sahana Patil (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Sahana Patil


February, 2019

It is a blessing for me that I could get treated by such a doctor

Initially I was having primary lymphedema, so I had a swelling in the ankle of ...

Patient Name: Ms. Swathi Rao (suffering from Lymphedema)

Testimonials By: Ms. Swathi Rao


February, 2019

Treated my son with kindness and care

I'm mother of patient Mohammed Najeeb, he came here to Sakra World Hospital & was ...

Patient Name: Mohammed Najeeb (suffering Nasal Deformity)

Testimonials By: Mrs. Nadia Abdul Jalil


February, 2019

Dentists in Bangalore

Patient speaks about his dental treatment at Sakra World Hospital

Patient Testimonial from a satisfied patient who underwent dental treatment for trauma to the teeth ...


January, 2019

Patient testimonials sakra

Breathing was very difficult for me but thanks to Sakra World Hospital, I can breathe freely now!

On advice of my consultant Dr. Sachin Kumar, I joined Pulmonary Rehabilitation in your department ...

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