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October, 2016

Dr Satish is the best neurosurgeon in India i strongly recommend him to my friends in Iraq

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim, I am Haj Fawzi Ajami Abboud from Iraq. 3 years back I met with an accident and had a severe injury. I had undergone a surgery in Iraq at that time. But after some time I started having severe pain and it became necessary for me to get advanced treatment for my pain. That is when I decided to come to India for further treatment and seek second opinion. Here in India, I got treated under Dr. Satish Rudrappa at Sakra world hospital. I had to undergo a spine surgery which was very successful and I was able to walk after 4 days. Dr. Satish’s team and the entire hospital staff have been very good and caring and present a high level of efficiency in their work. It is all because of the medical care that I received here that I would always recommend this hospital to my friends and relatives in my country. I had severe pain before coming here and have been so much better after the surgery done by Dr. Satish Rudrappa.

I am very pleased and delighted by the service provided by the hospital. I wish more success for this hospital for their dedication and service to humanity.

Thank you!
Haj Fawzi Ajami Abboud

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