March, 2017

27 year aeronautical engineer from US recovers from coma after comprehensive rehabilitation

Vinit, a 27 year old aeronautical engineer working in US came to Sakra World Hospital for a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Initially he had developed a gastric problem that worsened and he was later diagnosed with Malabsorption syndrome and Crohn’s disease. He further developed various infections, septicemia and encephalopathy. With multiple complications like – bilateral pneumonia, liver problems, etc. his condition deteriorated and he slipped into coma.  He was treated for these conditions and stabilized at Fortis Hospital after which he required a complete rehabilitation to return back to his normal life. When he came to Sakra World Hospital he had lost his memory, was restless, and was unable to speak or eat. His was almost bedridden and had lost bladder and bowel control. Slowly with dedicated rehabilitation therapy he started to gain strength, started eating, speaking, and could gradually stand and walk on his own. Today he has become more independent and is able to perform all activities of daily living without assistance. 

“Today I am a healthy person. But there was a time when I couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit or stand. But the therapists at Sakra World Hospital have taken good care of me. Dr. Maheswarappa, gave me excellent therapy, Deepti helped me do exercises, Atulya helped improve my memory. I was feeling that I wouldn’t be able to come back to my own self, the old Vinit, who could stand, walk and could do a lot of thing. Now I am that old Vinit again and it is all because of the team at Sakra team who gave me the strength.” 

- Mr. Vinit Jagdeep Trivedi

Treatment: Rehabilitation

Name: Mr. Vinit Jagdeep Trived

Location: United States

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