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Dr. Somyaa Khuller is a General Surgeon with a special interest in laparoscopic surgery – especially minimally invasive hernia repair and treatment of diseases of the ano-rectum - including treatment of complex fistulas. She plays a very important role in the breast cancer screening program and is very emphatic about educating females about breast cancer so as to aid early detection and treatment. She has a keen interest in academics and has published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals.
Having completed her MBBS from Sri Devaraj Urs Medical College, she went on to specialize in surgery( DNB)  from The Bangalore Hospital and then got fellowships in minimally invasive and gastrointestinal surgeries (FMAS, FIAGES).
She is one of the very few surgeons providing cutting-edge, video-assisted anal fistula treatment ( VAAFT) and endoscopic pilonidal sinus surgery (EPSiT).
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