Our support and assistance to help ease your travel and stay covers all areas including

  • 01Airport pick up and ground transportation.
  • 02Flight ticket reservation, travel plan and visa application
  • 03 Language interpretation: We have special arrangements for exclusive coordinators who can converse with the patient in their own language and help to make their stay simpler as well as for the doctors at the time of diagnostics and treatment.
  • 04Ambulance services
  • 05 Booking medical appointments
  • 06Complimentary medical opinions and treatment estimates
  • 07 Help you with insurance company and queries about insurance
  • 08A personal dietician and special international menu during your stay
  • 09Visa extension services.
  • 10FRRO assistance.
  • 11Hotel/ Resorts booking in case you plan to extend your stay in order to complete your follow-up treatment

End to End Service

From the airport pick-up till the time you are in the city for treatment, we assist you with everything

  • 01 The initial consultation with the doctors
  • 02Advance room Bookings
  • 03Schedule standard pre-surgical tests required
  • 04Organize/ Explain your pre/post-surgical medication to you.
  • 05 Post discharge tests/ Consultations if required
  • 06Detailed discharge summary with all the reports and doctor's notes is given
  • 07Daily medical updates to the family.
  • 08Hotel bookings/ Sightseeing / Shopping.
  • 09Ticket booking/ Rescheduling
  • 10Money exchange

International Help Desk

Our International Help Desk is geared to welcome you and help you to understand and seek the best treatment options available at Sakra World Hospital. Our executives are well trained and can help you to deal with the stressful experience of seeking medical treatment comfortable for you and your loved ones. OPERATING HOURS: 24 hours help desk facility

Official Email-Id

You can write us for any query/medical help that you may require at intl.connect@sakraworldhospital.com or contact us at +91-7406800519,

Operating Hours

24 Hours Help desk facility at Sakra Hospital, Marathahalli Bangalore

24 hours help desk facility

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