What is peripheral nerve injury?

The peripheral nerves are a complex, network of nerves which are located outside of the spinal cord and brain. They link other parts of the body such as skin and muscles with the brain. They are delicate and easily damaged. When these nerves are injured, they interrupt with brain’s ability to pass messages between organs and muscles.

What are the common causes of a peripheral never injury?

Injury to the peripheral nerves can occur through a variety of trauma. Common reasons of nerve injuries include:

  • Stretch/traction injury
  • Electrical injury
  • Compression
  • Gunshot wounds
  • Laceration
  • Drug injection injury

How can a peripheral nerve injury be managed?

Management of peripheral nerve injury includes:

  1. Physiotherapy: With or without surgery, physiotherapy helps to improve function accelerate healing of the nerves as well as to prevent stiffness and loss of function.
  2. Neurosurgery: this includes specific procedures to:
    1. improve nerve function,         
    2. nerve healing or
    3. even transfer the function of the injured nerve to another nerve
    4. Intentional damage to certain brain or spine centers that overwork certain aspects of tension in muscles giving relief to contractures or stiffness
  3. Orthopedic surgery: to fix muscle tendons and sometimes bones as well as lengthening of ligaments to prevent or treat stiff joints and muscles
  4. Electrical stimulation therapy to assist nerve growth

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