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Comprehensive Lymphedema Management

At Sakra Lymphedema Clinic, we aim to provide complete comprehensive lymphedema care services to our patients including, screening, conservative treatment, surgical treatment and lymphedema rehabilitation. Our comprehensive program comprises of a detailed lymphedema staging protocol, followed by consultation with experts regarding management and treatment strategies (surgical treatment in adjunct with lymphedema rehabilitation).

We conduct a full assessment of your lymphatic profile, including previous medical history, examination and ICG screening. With ICG lymphography, your doctor will be able to show you the structure of your lymphatic system live on the screen with ease, and explore treatment options with you accordingly.

We aim to provide outstanding care to our patients using the latest technologies in diagnostics and treatment by internationally certified lymphedema specialist team involving plastic surgeons, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist and clinical nutritionist.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema/elephantiasis is progressive disease where there is increase in size of limbs or body part due to accumulation of lymphatic fluid, when there is damage to the lymphatic system. if untreated results in complications like wounds, water discharge or immobility/ poor quality of life.

What are the causes of Lymphedema?

Based on the underlying cause, lymphedema can be classified as primary or secondary. Primary lymphedema, an inherited condition occurs because of abnormal development of the lymphatics. It could be present at birth or develop later in life.

Secondary lymphedema, the more common type of lymphedema, develops post cancer surgery or cancer treatment. It is caused because of damage to the lymphatics from surgery (sentinel node biopsies, axillary/groin lymph node dissection) or radiotherapy.

Lymphatic filariasis, on the other hand, is a parasitic disease transmitted through bites of infected mosquitoes. Also referred to sometimes as elephantiasis, this disease manifests in the form of lymphedema and can lead to permanent disability.


Signs and symptoms include swelling in arms or legs, heaviness, joint pain, weakness in the arm or leg and tightness or difficulty in moving.

Early signs of lymphedema may include difficulty in seeing or feeling veins, skin redness, change in limb volume and inflexibility of joints. Late signs of lymphedema include skin changes, wounds, and watery discharge at affected area.

Risk factors

Many factors increases your risk of developing lymphedema after cancer treatment or from other secondary causes include:


Lymphedema in arm or leg can cause serious complications, such as:

How is lymphedema diagnosed?

This condition is diagnosed by:

How lymphedema treated?
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How and When to approach us

Approach us if you develop a swelling in your upper or lower limbs.

You should also get in touch with us six months after your cancer treatment or gynaecological surgery irrespective of change in limb volume. If you have undergone cancer treatment, we recommend that you schedule an ICG scan with us. Not only does this aid in early lymphedema detection, but it also improves management & treatment strategies, allowing you to fully assess your options before you finalize a treatment plan.

The greatest advantage of our lymphedema program is the benefit of conducting scheduled lymphedema scans for our patients. This enables our doctors and patients to stay informed about lymphedema progression and make timely decisions, as against dealing with the consequences of advanced lymphedema.


Dr. Vybhav Deraje

Consultant- Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rajendra S Gujjalanavar

Senior Consultant & HOD - Plastic Surgery