Dr. Adil Sadiq

Senior Consultant & Head - Adult Cardiac Surgery MS (Gen.Surgery), MCh (CVTS), FACS (USA), FMICS (USA) Department - Institute of Cardiac Sciences

Dr. Adil Sadiq bags the prestigious “Service Excellence in Cardiovascular Surgery”
Dr. Adil Sadiq (Senior Consultant & Head – Cardiac Surgery) made an engaging presentation on thesubject “New Frontiers on Cardio Thoracic Surgery”. He has performed over 6000 cardiac surgeries,2000 thoracic procedures and 65 heart and lung transplants which speaks volumes about his success in critical surgeries.

Dr. Dinesh Kini

Director - Gastroenterology & Hepatology MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) DM (Gastroenterology) Department - Institute of Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences

Dr. Dinesh Kini was honored with “Service Excellence in Gastroenterology”.
Dr. Dinesh Kini (Director – Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences) made a presentation on the “Evolution of Gastroenterology over the last two decades in Bengaluru”. Dr. Dinesh Kini contributions includes development of non-surgical treatment options for patients suffering with liver cancer ( Radio-frequency Ablation/ Chemoembolization / Radioembolization ) which benefited innumerable number of patients.