October, 2016

Sakra World Hospital - Patient Reviews |  Brain Tumor Surgeons in Bangalore | Best Neurosurgeon in India

Mrs. Judy Paul from Dubai, Shares her experience after a

Hear from Mrs. Judy Paul, who shares her experience after undergoing a complex neurosurgery procedure ...


October, 2016

Best Spine Surgeon in Bangalore, India | International Patient Testimonial |  Best Hospital for Spine Surgery in Bangalore, India - Sakra World Hospital

Dr Satish is the best neurosurgeon in India i strongly

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Rahim, I am Haj Fawzi Ajami Abboud from Iraq. 3 years ...


October, 2016

Sakra World Hospital - Patients Testimonial | Famous Neurologists in Bangalore

The Recovery from the operation was excellent.

Dr. Satish Rudrappa, ...


October, 2016

Best Dental Hospital In Bangalore

The personalized approach here was commendable

One usually has reservations about a dentist visit and so did I before meeting Dr. ...

Treatment: Dental Treatment

Patient Name: Maya Pandye

Location: Bangalore


September, 2016

Patients Testimonials | Best Neuro Hospital in Bangalore |

It’s one of the best hospitals in Bangalore

My Son Skand Karur got operated (Fronto orbital advancement) on 17.9.2014 by Dr. Derick A ...

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