Talent Show for Joint Replacement Patients

On 14th October 2016, Sakra World Hospital organised a talent show for its joint replacement patients as an initiative to create awareness on osteoarthritis and the possibility of a productive life that one can have after a successful joint replacement surgery. The event was held at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Bengaluru.

Osteoarthritis affects over 15 million adults in India every year and one in two of them develop symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. It has been predicted that India might actually become the capital of Osteoarthritis by the year 2025 with over 60 million people suffering from osteoarthritis. And it has been seen in the recent times, that a large population between the age of 30-50 is also falling prey to this condition which was earlier noticed only in people above 60 years of age.

Osteoarthritis can have some serious implications on the lifestyle of a person.If left untreated it can result in a complete disability in the joint or even to the extent of the person becoming bed ridden in the long run. It is estimated that only 10% of Indians undergo joint replacement procedure due to the fear of late recovery and post recovery pain. But with the new innovation of small incision Computer Navigated knee Replacement surgery, recovery is very fast, with minimum pain and blood loss and the results are more accurrate as computer navigation facilitates precision upto a millimeter.

This talent show by our joint replacement patients was an initiative of Sakra Insititute of Bone and Joints to motivate people and acknolwledge those who had undergone a joint replacement surgery with a strong will power and are now living a wonderful life.

Patients from diverse backgrounds came forward and exhibited overwhelming talent in dance, yoga, singing, poetry etc. with great zeal and enthusiasm at the event. The one common factor that connected all these patients was their past suffering due to the debilitating condition of Osteoarthrits, and the fact that they had all now started life afresh after their joint replacement surgery.

Later, the popular Sandalwood actor Mr. Ramesh Arvind also graced the event with his presence to encourage our patients and acknowledged their zest for life inspite of all the obstacles they had faced.“It is indeed a privilage to be a part of this unique intiative by Sakra World Hospital. The event has showcased that Osteoarthritis is not the end of our lives and it gives hope to the millions of people all over the world, who are suffering from this condition. I applaude Dr. Chandrashekar.P and all the participants for putting up an amazing performance & inspiring us” said, Mr. Ramesh Arvind, Sandalwood Actor.

“It is a pleasure watching my patients perform today, these are the people who have been suffering from chronic pains on a daily basis for so long. They have lived and overcome the pain caused due to osteoarthritis, which has the ability to cripple one’s professional and personal life, and even simple tasks like evening walks, social gatherings or meeting with friends can become a big challenge. With the help of modern medical innovation(Computer Assisted Small Incision Replacement) and surgical excellence, we at Sakra World Hospital, aim to give each of them who have suffered from this, a healthy and painfree life. And it gives me immense joy to see all my patients perform so beautifully after undergoing Minimally Invasive Computer Assisted joint replacement surgery.” said Dr. Chandrashekar. P, Senior Consultant & Head, Department of – Orthopaedics, Sakra World Hospital.