Sakra World Hospital Organises First Annual Indo-Japanese Shoulder Course

Bengaluru, 12th September, 2016: The First Annual Indo-Japanese Shoulder Course organised by Sakra World Hospital on the 11th September 2016, brought to forefront the advancements in techniques and latest technology used in Shoulder surgeries and complex shoulder problems. More than 200+ Orthopedic Surgeons from across the country attended the day-long course. It was a knowledge sharing platform, a carefully packaged program of live surgical demonstration, bone model demonstration and series of interactive lectures. The course facilitated the coming together of advanced techniques from Japan and the rich experience of Indian doctors to formulate the best treatment possible for shoulder.

The shoulder course which was divided into three sessions and two live surgeries divulged into various topics – Understanding of the shoulder and joint biomechanics, Basics of Cuff repair, the anatomy of cuff, types of tear and repair. Sessions were held on the management of partial cuff tears, old retracted cuff tears, bipolar bone loss, principles of shoulder instability treatment, proximal humerus fractures and arthroplasty for such conditions. Live surgical demonstrations of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic bankart repair, Latarjet procedure and Total shoulder joint replacement surgery were shown during the course for a better understanding of new age surgical techniques. It was followed by discussion of complex case studies by the experts in the field.

“The Sakra Indo-Japanese Shoulder course by Sakra World Hospital brought together the best of minds in the industry to divulge the various shoulder related problems and techniques effective which can be used over conventional procedures. The sessions which include interactive panel discussion, live surgeries, seminars and case studies created a platform for upcoming doctors to learn from a group of seasoned veterans,”said Dr Banarji B.H, Head, Shoulder & Upper limb division, Sakra Institute of Bone & Joints, Sakra World Hospital.

“Being a part of the Sakra Indo-Japanses Shoulder Course has been a remarkable experience. Events like these help us analyse and exchange ideas amongst peers. The enthusiasm showcased by the doctors in understanding the latest global standards in procedure will further help them treat their patients in a better manner.” added Dr. Kenji Fujita, Director, Fujita Orthopaedics and Sports Clinic Japan.

“It was an engaging session where in everyone from new generation of orthopaedic doctors to veterans are able to interact and exchange inputs. The Sakra Indo-Japanese Knee Course provided me with the understanding from various backgrounds and different approaches taken by my peers than my own in treatment of the patient. It has been enlightening to say the least.” said, Dr. Thomas Gregory, Assistant Professor, Paris Descartes University, France.

Topics Discussed

Basic Science: Examination of shoulder joint and shoulder biomechanics Role of USG and MRI in Shoulder Problems

Rotator Cuff Disease: Basics of cuff repair – Anatomy of cuff, tear types, repair types, Dilemma’s in management of partial cuff tears. How do I manage old retracted cuff tears?

Shoulder Instability: Principles of shoulder instability treatment, tips and tricks of Arthroscopic Bankart repair. Understanding bipolar bone loss, when to do Remplissage and when to do a latarjet? SLAP lesions – when to operate and when not to operate

Trauma and Arthroplasty: Proximal humerus fractures – Past, present and future Total shoulder replacement – Principles indications, pearls & tricks of shoulder replacement. Arthroplasty in proximal humerus fractures – when to do Hemi Replacement and when to do Reverse Shoulder Replacement.