Sakra World Hospital was the healthcare partners of Bengaluru Midnight Marathon 2017. The marathon held at KTPO Whitefield on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 was a great success with over 10,000 participants from India and abroad taking part in different categories.

Bengaluru Midnight Marathon represented the vision, vigor and vibrancy of our beloved and inspiring city. At its heart, the initiative aimed to create a platform to raise funds for health, education, social welfare and rural enlistment projects.

Sakra’s team of paramedics were present throughout the event, stationed at strategic locations to take care of any medical uncertainties.

During the event, The Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor in association with Sakra World Hospital launched its pilot bike ambulances to provide rapid medical assistance to both the runners and non-runners present. The current plan after the success of Bengaluru Midnight Marathon is to expand the service to the entire city so that medical services can be provided to anyone within 5-7 minutes of the information being received.

Our bike ambulance services aims to provide emergency care to everyone who is in dire need of help in a crucial situation.

The emergency first responder medical service can be availed by dialling the helpline number- 080-4692-4962. On dialling the number, The First-Responders with teams of paramedics will provide emergency care for the patient in need. And while the immediate focus will be trauma-care, heart-attack and stroke victims, the scope of treatment can be increased to other medical emergencies as well in the future.