Sakra World Hospital removes ovarian cyst via Laparoscopy in a pregnant lady

15th january 2019 : Sakra World Hospital has successfully removed an ovarian cyst via Laparoscopy in a 31-year-old pregnant lady. Normally, the chances of development of cysts during pregnancy are less than 0.2 - 2%.

Generally, cysts are removed surgically by either open surgery or Laparoscopy but the incidence of surgery during pregnancy is only 0.75%.At Sakra World Hospital, Jeena was referred to Dr. Shanthala Thuppanna, Senior Consultant - Gynaecological Laparoscopy for further observation.

Luckily, the cyst was not cancerous in this case and hence, the patient was advised to undergo Laparoscopy surgery. Laparoscopic keyhole surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia wherein the surgeon uses only small cuts to get through the skin to examine or operate on the interior of the abdominal or pelvic cavities. Laparoscopy is considered to be equally safe as any open surgery, provided it is done by an expert laparoscopic surgeon.

Dr. Shanthala Thuppanna explained, “Any surgery during pregnancy is not advisable unless it is necessary. In this case, the cyst was growing in size and inhabiting the space of the baby. If left untreated, the chances of premature delivery and abortion are high. The growing cyst will damage the ovary and can cause pain and result in loss of blood supply. If the size of the cyst becomes big, it becomes difficult to remove the cyst without removing the entire ovary.