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Ms. Pushpa Velangani

Chief Nursing Officer, Department of Nursing

Nurses are an integral part of the Health care system and center for patient care - be it at hospitals, clinics, Nursing homes or directly in our homes.

Nurses are the backbone of the health care system and take great pride in caring for the patients and respecting the policies, protocols and practices outlined by the hospital administration.

The Nursing network is the heart of the Hospital, they are excellent in catering to multiple needs of the patients, their family members & hospitals simultaneously, all the while making a conscious decision to serve those in need and do the right thing.

As professionals, we are also adapting to the constant advancement in techniques, practices and technology. We undergo a series of training to upskill and keep up with the new techniques in medical practices and patient care. Indeed, we believe there is no growth without a decisive effort to learn new things and gain knowledge.

I went to Japan in 2017 to attend a nursing training seminar hosted by Management. During my stay there, I had the opportunity to observe and learn, not just the cultural nuances that set the Japanese culture apart but also to adopt several of the best practices. I got a world-class training by renowned teachers in fantastic facilities and this explains its international reputation. The training helped to develop critical thinking and practical knowledge.

Ms. Etsuko Itabashi

Nativity - Japan
Designation - General Manager - Quality and training

I've been working with SECOM healthcare, Japan and I'm a professional experienced in nursing excellence, I'm assigned at Sakra World Hospital for providing nursing guide to the SAKRA nursing team.

In this role, I share the work culture and standard practices which are followed in Japanese healthcare set up with the objective of improvising the nursing care in SAKRA World Hospital with is carefully blended using the essence of both the cultures and practices.

best healthcare services in bangalore

"We care for our patients like they are our very own. It's our restorative touch and smile that help patients find relief from pain and anxiety."



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Nursing Career Ladder


SAKRA BLOOMS is a Communication Tool which is dedicated to support and develop new joinee in each department during their nesting period. The goal of SAKRA BLOOMS is to constantly be in touch with the new joinee and ensure there is enough care given during the nesting period until they completely get acquainted with the work culture and build a business network within the organization for their smooth functioning.


Nursing practice - Our Aim

"We care for our patients like they are our very own. It's our restorative touch and smile that help patients find relief from pain and anxiety. Make them feel at peace and renewed sense of hope which puts them on the road to faster recovery."


We support your growth with various systems and mechanisms, such as a mentor system that supports not only technology but also mental aspects, and e-learning where you can learn the latest technology.

Continuing Education at all Career level

To focus on continuing to increase knowledge of concepts and evolution of medical techniques that will develop technology skills, medical techniques, and recommended delivery of patient care.

Specialty wise training in areas like Cardiac, Neuro, critical care.

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Interns are recruited through Campus interviews or walk in after completing basic Nursing. All interns need to undergo mandatory training for three months , offering real work assignments ,helping them to find a good fit within the organization which will be a uplift in their profession. will be converted as a Staff Nurse based on the performance.


To gain global knowledge and best practices in patient care and work culture to improve quality and strengthen the overall operational efficiency and management of the Nursing department.


Kobe-Kaisei hospital, Hyogo, Japan

New-Tokyo hospital, Chiba, Japan

Teine-Keijinkai hospital, Hokkaido, Japan

Yotauya Medical Cube, Tokyo, Japan

Picture: Operation Theater observation training during February 2019 at New Tokyo Hospital in Chiba, Japan

Recent International Observership held;

November, 2019 - Nursing Management Observership at Yotauya Medical Cube, Tokyo, Japan

September, 2019 - OT Observership at Teine-Keijinkai hospital, Hokkaido, Japan

May, 2019 - ICU Observership at Teine-Keijinkai hospital, Hokkaido, Japan

February, 2019 - OT Observership at New Tokyo Hospital, Chiba, Japan

May, 2018 - ICU Observership at Teine-Keijinkai hospital, Hokkaido, Japan

November, 2017 - Nursing Management Observership at Kobe-Kaisei Hospital, Hyogo, Japan




At Sakra it's a culture, a management system, and a philosophy which helps us continuously to improve the quality of care for our patients by reducing errors & waiting times. It's an approach that support our employees & physicians to eliminate roadblocks in their day to day functions & allow them to focus on providing care and allow different hospital departments to better work together for the benefit of patients.



At Sakra we practice the 5S structured methodology which is directed to improve the work environment, it's a simple and a highly effective technique to a better workplace organization as it ensures quality, productivity and act as a pillar for continuous improvement.


Job satisfaction is one of the important factors in medical health system staff. It's the Nursing department that provides most of the health services. Thus, their satisfaction influences the organizational success and quality of health care.

Keeping that in mind a Periodic Nursing connect program is conducted which aims at creating an open forum between management and the Nursing staff. This helps in identifying occupational challenges and communication gaps in the department and employee's functional roles. The meeting is conducted in such a way that the participants feel free and secure while sharing their concerns. Thereafter these suggestions and improvement ideas are presented to the management for an amicable resolution.

Preview of Nursing Connect Program Jan, 2021


Hostel facility:

Sakra World Hospital provides accommodation that offers dormitory-style rooms. The hostel is staffed with a dedicated warden ensuring a disciplined and safe environment. The hostel has its cafeteria and we provide a food facility.

Our Hostel facility is safe and secured for our women employees which is backed with 24hrs security guards and surveillance camera. We also provide all required amenities like a recreation room, hot water facility, drying shed, etc. The hostel provides separate accommodation for men and women.

Crèche facility:

Sakra has a diverse staff with most of them having little ones. It gives immense peace of mind to these parents when their little ones are taken care of while they are discharging their duties. Understanding these needs of our working mothers' staff we have provided a nurturing and safe crèche environment for their children. A crèche facility that takes care of the childrens' overall development too.



Being appreciated just feels good. A monthly employee reward and recognition program. Staff members are awarded based on their performance and feedbacks received from our esteemed patients.


Recreational activities:

Cultural events:

Nurse Day Celebrations:

Monthly Birthday Celebrations:

Women's day:

Monthly Movie Time:

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  Sleep Apnea | Hair Transplant | Comprehensive Lymphedema Care Center | Fibroid Clinic | Sakra Fertility Centre | Heart-Failure Clinic