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Heart surgery is done to correct problems with the heart. Doctors does heart surgery to:

  • Create Bypass to restore blood flow across blocks
  • Repair or replace heart valves, which control blood flow through the heart
  • Repair abnormal or damaged structures in the heart
  • Implant medical devices that help control the heartbeat or support heart function and blood flow
  • Replace a damaged heart with a healthy heart from a donor

Traditional heart surgery, often called open-heart surgery, is done by opening the chest wall to operate on the heart. The surgeon cuts through the patient’s breastbone (or just the upper part of it) to open the chest.

With current medical advancements surgeons can now make small incisions (cuts) between the ribs to do some types of heart surgery. The breastbone is not opened to reach the heart. This is called Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS). This type of heart surgery may or may not use a heart-lung bypass machine.

In Minimally Invasive Cardiac (Heart) Surgery (MICS), Cardiac surgeons perform heart surgery through small incisions in the right side of your chest, as an alternative to open-heart surgery. Surgeons don’t cut through the breastbone (sternotomy). Rather, they operate between the ribs, which may result in less pain and a quicker recovery for many people.

In minimally invasive surgery, your heart surgeon may have a better view of some parts of your heart than in open-heart surgery. Similar to open surgery, some minimally invasive heart surgery procedures may require stopping your heart temporarily and diverting blood flow from your heart using a heart-lung bypass machine.

Minimally invasive heart surgery may be performed to treat a variety of heart conditions.

What are the type of cardiac surgeries being performed through minimally invasive approaches?

Beating Heart Multiple Bypass Grafting

Coronary bypass surgery-CABG

Aortic valve replacement-AVR

Mitral valve repair and replacement-MVR

Repair of Atrial septal defects (ASD) and ventricular septal defects (VSD)

Closure of Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA)

Surgery for Abnormal Rhythm

Overview: Cardio - thoracic department at Sakra World Hospital

The Cardio - thoracic department at Sakra World Hospital is one of the best equipped and well-staffed teams that the hospital can speak about. This department mainly deals with the ailments and surgical procedures affecting the internal organs inside the thorax or the chest. It generally takes care of treatments of conditions involving the heart and the lungs. Our department offers virtually every type of elective and emergent surgery for heart valve disease, coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysm and congestive heart failure. Our surgeons are not only experts in traditional cardiac surgery techniques, but are also on the forefront of emerging technologies to treat the full spectrum of congenital and degenerative cardiac conditions. CTVS surgeons have been instrumental in implementing cardiac programs from Heart transplantation to Minimally-Invasive Cardiac Surgery.

When LESS is MORE - Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

What is LESS?

  • Lesser Incision
  • Lesser Tissue Trauma
  • Less Blood loss
  • Lesser need for Blood Trauma
  • Less Pain
  • Lesser need for Medication
  • Lesser duration of hospitalization
What is MORE?

  • More Faster Recovery
  • More time with Loved Ones
  • More Patient Satisfaction
  • Earlier Return to Work

Potential benefits

  • No splitting of the breastbone
  • Reduction in pain
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Lower risk of bleeding
  • Reduced ICU and hospital stay
  • Improved postoperative pulmonary function
  • Accelerated recovery/return to activity
  • Improved quality of life
  • Greatly improved cosmetic result


Dr. Adil Sadiq

Senior Consultant & Head - Adult Cardiac Surgery

Dr. Ravi Chandra J B

Consultant - Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

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