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Critical Care Medicine (CCM), is a body of specialist knowledge and practice concerned with the treatment of patients at risk of, or recovering from a potentially life-threatening failure of one or more of the body organ systems. It includes the provision of organ system support, the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute illness, multiple system management and patient safety, ethics, end-of-life care, and support of families.

CCM is a dynamic speciality with the responsibility of caring for the most critically-ill patients in the hospital. While other medical specialities deal exclusively with specific organs or body systems, CCM encompasses patients requiring care encompassing the entire spectrum of medical and surgical specialties. A CCM doctor is able to provide advanced organ support during a critical illness and is responsible for coordinating the care of patients in the ICU.
Sakra World Hospital & Critical Care Medicine

At Sakra World Hospital, the entire spectrum of critical care services is provided by doctors who are present 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is on par with international standards. We have developed our own evidence-based protocols for the Indian scenario to provide high quality care for critically ill patients.

CCM doctors are also responsible for the Rapid Response Team (RRT) in our hospital. We respond to a patient with early signs of deterioration or non-intensive care patients to prevent cardiac and respiratory arrest. Our RRT includes CCM doctor and a nurse along with a respiratory therapist. We have also set our own Rapid Response Calling System Criteria. The RRT forms the backbone support system of every department during emergencies.

The Critical Care Medicine Department of Sakra World Hospital has a multidisciplinary programme that emphasizes a team-based approach to care and manages a variety of cases in various specialties which are admitted in the Cardiac ICU, Surgical ICU, Neurosurgical ICU, Medical ICU and Transplant ICU lead by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

Critical Care Nursing staff are a highly skilled and motivated group who are the backbone of the CCM team that delivers the best possible bedside care to our patients. They are also very concerned with our patients’ comfort and privacy, and are attentive to our patients’ families, who frequently need information and guidance.

We, the CCM team understands the patient's illness and family's concerns; hence we interacts with the family members in our dedicated video counseling room along with a grief counselor on a daily basis.


All beds are equipped with advanced multichannel physiological monitoring systems allowing close monitoring of patients, both from the bedside and the central nursing station. The beds in the patient rooms are totally motorized for enhanced comfort and care. Organ support systems like ventilators, including conventional ventilators with the latest ventilatory modes and respiratory mechanics analysis facilities, haemodialysis and CRRT machines; ECMO, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy are available at the bedside. Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy, Ultrasonography and Echocardiography housed in the ICU are used routinely for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

Patients from across the country are transported via ground ambulance services which are fully equipped with life support systems, ventilators, and monitors; a trained doctor and technician accompanies the patient during transportation.


Our department has been recognized for the training of postgraduates and undergraduates by Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine. We conduct IDCCM and Post-MBBS certification courses in Critical Care Medicine.

A regular teaching schedule in the form of seminars, case presentations, and journal discussions is held for the trainees.

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