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In today’s fast paced world, unplanned and unexpected medical emergencies are becoming the norm. Patients in pain & distress due to accidents, lifestyle diseases, communicable diseases or complications of ongoing treatments, present themselves to the emergency departments seeking urgent help.

There is an acute need for “Emergency Specialists” to identify and treat these emergencies. The availability of highly skilled and keen doctors, who are well oriented to emergency situations and can keep a cool head to handle an emergency is the need of the hour in today’s healthcare scenario.

The growth of emergency medicine, from concept to its current state has happened over a short time. It has only been recognized as an independent specialty since the last decade in India. While it could be considered a fledgling medical specialty, it is also one of the fastest growing specialties in health care at present.

The uniqueness of this specialty is that it handles severe illness at the most crucial time irrespective of different organ systems that could be involved due to the illness. Hence it demands for knowledge of and coordination with all the other existing specialties in healthcare today. The doctors in emergency medicine besides being able to resuscitate acutely ill patents and provide trauma care, need to have expert level knowledge and skills concerned with all branches of heath care like General medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, Orthopedics, Neurosciences, Radiology, Geriatrics, Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Doctors trained in emergency medicine have both medical and managerial dexterity. Quality care in time saves lives and also saves costs, these are traits that a good Emergency physician brings to a healthcare system. Such qualities are in great demand in today’s health care scenario creating a tremendous employment opportunity for emergency trained doctors in premier health care facilities across the country.

An emergency physician can also opt to choose to make a niche for themselves in the sub-specialties of emergency medicine. These include pre-hospital care like EMS, Helicopter EMS (HEMS), Disaster & Mass gathering medicine or In-hospital subspecialties like Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Critical care or acute medicine, ultrasound and toxicology. With a background in emergency medicine one can even consider careers in Research, Forensic and Legal medicine, Industrial health care and injury prevention. For emergency physicians who have a taste for adventure, out of hospital branches like, Environmental health, Hyperbaric and undersea medicine, Sports medicine, Expedition and Wilderness medicine are some interesting considerations.

Sakra Institute of Emergency Medicine (SIEM) is a center of excellence in Emergency Medicine at Sakra World Hospital. Sakra World Hospital is a joint venture by SECOM and TOYOTA TSUSHO, built on the principle vision of enhancing quality of life by providing world class medical care.

Sakra Institute of Emergency Medicine (SIEM) is affiliated to SEMI (Society of Emergency Medicine in India). SEMI collectively represents Emergency Medicine in India to the world. It also takes responsibility of ensuring excellence in academics, research and clinical emergency medicine.

Sakra Institute of Emergency Medicine is dedicated to achieve excellence in both clinical and academic emergency medicine. The faculty in the department and have qualified their Members of the Royal college of Emergency Medicine (MRCEM) exam.

Dr. Bevin D’silva; Head – Department of Emergency Medicine

The department is headed by Dr Bevin Dsilva who is also a Member of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine by examination. Being one from the first batch of residency trained emergency physicians in the country himself, Dr Bevin Dsilva is a senior member of SEMI and a full time examiner for the RCEM. He has more than a decade of experience in training and mentoring numerous aspiring emergency physicians.

Sakra Institute of Medicine Emergency is offering “MASTERS IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE”, certified By Society of Emergency Medicine India (SEMI).

This is a full time Residency & Training Program in Emergency Medicine, lasting 3 years. Training will be in accordance with the curriculum provided by the Society for Emergency medicine India.

Course Eligibility

  • MBBS with MCI / State Council Registration

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Note:This course entitles the participant to an attractive stipend. This course is not under the purview of the medical council of India

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