Dr.Maheshwarappa - Best Psychiatrist in Bangalore

Dr. Maheswarappa B.M.

Senior Consultant & HOD - Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine

Years of Experience - 20

Area of Expertise - Neuro-rehabilitation: Stroke, head injury, hypoxic brain damage, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, neurodevelopmental disorders, neuro-infections squeal, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, nerve injury, spasticity, Parkinson’s disease, neurodegenerative disorders, motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophy. Orthopedic and Rheumatologic: Poly-trauma, Post-surgical management of fracture, arthritis, amputation, osteoporosis, joint replacement, and ligament reconstruction. Pain management: Acute, chronic, and recurrent neck and back pain, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, disc, joints, musculoskeletal and soft tissue pain, Sports Injuries, rains, and sports injuries.


Sakra World Hospital has one-of-its-kind rehabilitation centres in India. The Institute of Rehabilitation Science is well-equipped with a specialised team of Physiatrist, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, etc. The centre offers various comprehensive rehabilitation programs for conditions such as post-stroke and traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injury, paralytic diseases, etc. Equipped with a highly specialised team of rehabilitation specialists in Bangalore, the Institute of Rehabilitation Science aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life of people with physical impairments. The aim of Sakra Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is to treat the whole person through a combination of therapies, including investigations, medications, surgical procedures, pain interventions, etc. Spread across an area of 7000 sq. Ft. the rehabilitation centre consists of Clinical Psychologists, Nutritionists, and Ergonomists. Our team is specialised in providing various rehabilitation programs including Neurological Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and Rehabilitative Ergonomic Solutions to enhance the cognitive and behavioural management of patients.
In our rehabilitation centre, we use an equipped gym with HUR’s developed range which in turn offers equipment used for rehabilitation. We provide better, individual and safe training with pneumatic resistance. Also, the equipment incorporates many features to enhance safety, and it is suitable for all ages.


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