Dr. Vineet Gupta - Best Cancer Specialist in Bangalore | Cancer Hospital in Bangalore

Dr. Vineet Gupta

Senior Consultant & Head - Medical Oncology & Haematology
MD (USA), DM (Medical Oncology - USA) DM (Hematology - USA) Lubrano Distinguished Scholar (Harvard University)
Institute of Oncology

Years of Experience - 19

Area of Expertise - Brain, Breast, Lung, Colon, and Prostate Cancers. Acute & Chronic Blood Disorders. Leukemia and other Bone Marrow Disorders


We at Sakra World Hospital know that every cancer is different and that is why we offer a broad spectrum of treatments and support services to meet patients’ individual needs. With the help of the best cancer doctors in Bangalore, we offer the most innovative, advanced and holistic therapies to provide a better cure for patients affected with cancer.
At Sakra World Hospital, we have a team of experts, including the best cancer specialists in Bangalore to provide the best cancer treatment. Our team interacts with various super-specialities to deliver the best course of treatment in a compassionate environment. Also, we combine our expertise in the areas of patient care, clinical research and academics to provide the highest level of specialised services for all the affected individuals. With the help of the most advanced equipment in healthcare technology, we diagnose and treat all types of cancer effectively.
Our cancer specialists are focused on providing treatment for the entire body of the affected individual, i.e. body, mind and spirit through various advanced and holistic therapeutic procedures. Our doctors are updated with the latest breakthroughs in cancer research, and it helps them to treat all types of cancers effectively. Our world-class expertise in cancer care helps us to provide better results in treatments.


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