COVID-19 Home Isolation Services

COVID-19 is a major threat to public health. Some coronavirus positive cases may be pre-symptomatic while a few may experience mild to moderate, or even severe symptoms. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, few may require hospitalization or even critical care.

As per the latest studies, about 80% of COVID-19 patients in India experience mild or no symptoms. This implies that a majority of the positive patients recover at home under remote medical monitoring and care.

With Govt. guidelines on home isolation as a base, Sakra World Hospitals is offering COVID care @ Home services for positive patients who have mild or very mild symptoms. Sakra Home Health Care has launched COVID isolation packages for 14 days which include package 1: COVID-19 Home Isolation Package with Medical KIT and Package 2: Residential COVID Care Freedom Package without a medical kit.

1. What is asymptomatic transmission in case of COVID-19?

According to WHO, asymptomatic transmission refers to transmission of the virus from a person who does not develop symptoms.

2. What is symptomatic transmission in case of COVID-19?

According to the WHO, symptomatic transmission refers to the transmission of the virus from a person who has developed COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, nasal congestion, headache, etc.

3. Who are mildly-symptomatic patients in case of COVID-19?

The COVID-19 virus affects the upper respiratory tract, so the common symptoms are temperature, with or without cough. Patients with a mild illness will have flu-like symptoms which include a dry cough and mild fever. You may feel tired or have a headache and loss your sense of smell.

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Package Details

COVID-19 Home Isolation Package 1 (14 days/19000 Rupees)

  • Doctor video consultation (4 Consultations)
  • On call vital review with nursing (2 reviews/Day)
  • On call consultation with dietitian (Once)
  • Psychologist consultation (Once)
  • Rehab therapist consultation (Twice)
  • Support

  • Twice a day remote monitorining of vitals by nurse
  • Home Isolation guide line book
  • 24/ 7 nursing help line
  • Home Care Medical Kit instead of COVID-19 Home Care Medical Kit

    • Thermometer (1 No.)
    • Pulse Oximeter (1 No.)
    • N95 face mask (5 Nos)
    • BP apparatus (1 No.)
    • 3 Ply face mask (15 Nos.)
    • Gloves (15 Nos.)
    • Sanitizer / handwash (1 No.)
    • Surface disinfectant spray (1 No.)
    • Waste disposal bags (15 Nos)
    • Spirometer (1 No.)
    • Antibacterial wipes (1 No.)

COVID-19 Home Isolation Freedom Package 2 (14 days/ 9500 Rupees)


  • Doctor Video Consultation (4 times)
  • Nurse Tele Consultation (14 times)
  • Diet Tele Consultation (Once)
  • Psychologist Consultation (Once)
  • Rehab Video Consultation (Twice)
  • Support

  • Twice a day remote monitorining of vitals by nurse
  • Home Isolation guide line book
  • 24/ 7 nursing help line
  • *Homecare medical kit is not a part of this package and has to be purchased separately.

Our Covid Care Clinical Team

Dr. Arjun Satapute

Associate Consultant
Respiratory Medicine
MBBS, MD (Pulmonary Medicine)
Department of Respiratory medicine

Dr. TR Hemkumar

Internal Medicine
MD (Internal Medicine), MRCP (UK)
Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Urvashi Jain

Internal Medicine
MBBS, MD, DNB General Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine

Terms and conditions:

  • Payments can be made by scanning the QR code (Google pay, Phone pay etc.)
  • The package shall be activated within 24hrs from the time of payment.
  • All infected waste used by the patient should be discarded in the yellow bag & disposed as per BBMP guidance.
  • Refund or return is not applicable for this package.
  • If hospitalization is advised, subject to bed availability admission shall be considered.

If you are advised for home isolation care, then please install the DocKare App on your phone and register.