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October, 2021

best neuro hospital in bangalore

I want to thank all the doctors who treated me and make me feel very comfortable.

I had a problem with my left leg and left hand and I was not ...

Patient Name: Palaniswamy Varadhan

Testimonials By: Palaniswamy Varadhan


September, 2020

testimonial on left optical despicia treatment

Testimonial On Left Optical Despicia Treatment

Mrs.Veena Leela M/o Sanjay speaks about how he suffered due to Left Optical Despicia and ...

Treatment: Left Optical Despicia

Patient Name: Sanjay

Testimonials By: Mrs.Veena Leela M/o Sanjay


September, 2020

patient testimonial on epilepsy

Patient Testimonial On Conquering Epilepsy

Can epilepsy be cured permanently? Parvati shares her struggles and head problems due to conquering ...

Treatment: Epilepsy

Patient Name: Parvati

Testimonials By: Parvati


August, 2020

Congenital Scoliosis Correction Surgery At Sakra World Hospital

Congenital Scoliosis Correction Surgery At Sakra World Hospital

Is congenital ...

Treatment: Congenital Scoliosis Correction Surgery

Testimonials By: Jayasree Patien's Mother


July, 2020

treatment for skull base schwannoma

Mrs Anita Vimal

The patient's Husband speaks about his wife who was treated for Skull Based Schwannoma by ...

Treatment: Skull Based Schwannoma

Patient Name: Mrs Anita Vimal

Testimonials By: Patient's Husband


January, 2020

spine surgery and parkinson's disease treatment.

Sakra Patient Testimonial - Spine surgery & Parkinson's Disease

Testimonial of a patient who underwent treatment at Sakra World Hospital for spine surgery and ...


January, 2020

treatment for epilepsy at sakra world hospital.

Sakra Patient Testimonial - Epilepsy

Testimonial from a patient who underwent successful treatment for Epilepsy at Sakra World Hospital.



November, 2018

patients testimonials for epilepsy treatment

A Young Boy Recovers From Epilepsy

In honour of National Epilepsy Day, we would like to shed some light on the ...


July, 2018

Sakra Patients Testimonial - Mrs. Bharathi Bidap

Testimonials by Mrs. Bharathi Bidap

The food and services from the F&B department were satisfactory and on time. The staff ...


May, 2018

Top neuro specialist in Marathahalli

Testimonial by Mr. Shridhar

The hospitality given by every member of the hospital was very good. Thank you for ...

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