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With modern lifestyles, pollution and environmental damage, Cancer has become a major threat to human life expectancy. According to statistics, around 14.1 million new cases were reported worldwide, in 2012 alone and 33% of them were linked to smoking.

Sakra has been at the forefront of medical innovation and healthcare ever since its inception. This year, we have launched the Save a Life Campaign with two major initiatives - Cancer Clinic for Early Detection and Prevention and the Quit Smoking Clinic.

The Quit Smoking Treatment Program

The Tobacco Treatment Program offers tobacco-cessation services, including in- person behavioural counselling and several tobacco-cessation medication treatments. The program entails both smoking and non-smoking formats.

Program Components:

  • 1) Register and get your free "Quit Tobacco Now" kit

  • 2) Take 2 Quizzes

    1. The stop smoking quiz

    2. Why is quitting smoking a good thing

  • 3) Calculate the total number of cigarettes you have smoked in your life

  • 4) Watch with the Doctor: Tobacco is NASTY: Lets Kick Butt

  • 5) Initial Consultation and Development of a Treatment Plan

  • During your first appointment you will receive information about the Tobacco Treatment Program and you will get answers to any questions that you may have. The QUIT COACH will explore your tobacco use and related factors or triggers, like stress, anxiety or boredom, that influence when and how you use tobacco products. With this information, you and you're the QUIT COACH can create a plan for reducing or quitting your tobacco use.

  • 6) Once a week you will receive a Follow-Up appointment

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Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Clinic

The Cancer - Prevention and Early Detection Clinic at Sakra offers Early Detection facility which will provide comprehensive, state-of- the art "Early Detection of Cancer Testing", to help you stay healthy and cancer-free. The clinic delves deeper and enters Lifestyle and Wellness Management that will help you

  • - The Early Detection Clinic will provide comprehensive Early Detection of Cancer Testing, to help you stay healthy and cancer-free.

  • - The Cancer Prevention Clinic, will offer answers to questions like - What Is My Risk of Getting Cancer? What Can I Do To Prevent Cancer?

  • 1) Take a Quiz: Cancer Risk Quiz

  • 2) Watch with the Doctor: "Be Clear On Cancer"

  • 3) Initial Consultation with Oncologist

  • 4) Follow Up Appointment

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