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Sakra Headache Clinic in Bangalore

If there is a medical complaint as ubiquitous as a common cold, it is a headache. Headache is one of the commonest reasons for an individual to consult a neurologist. An individual will inevitably suffer from headaches during their lifetime. Most often, headaches are of short duration, infrequent and do not affect the lifestyle of the individual. Headaches start affecting the quality of life if they are severe, frequent and of prolonged duration.

A small subset of headaches may be caused by a dangerous underlying condition in the body. These can be identified by neurologists with careful history taking and judicious use of investigations. However, the majority of headaches are harmless even though they impact the quality of life of an individual.

Common types of headaches seen in all age groups are Migraine and Tension headaches. Other common attributed causes of headache are sinusitis, eye problems and dental causes. When there are obviously attributable causes like sinusitis or meningitis, it is called a secondary headache. Migraine and tension headaches are known as primary headaches as there are no obvious attributable causative factors.

You can book an appointment with Sakra Headache Clinic if you are looking for a neurologist for migraine treatment in Bangalore.

Headache is caused by irritation or pulling of pain-sensitive structures of the head. These include main blood vessels of the brain, coverings of blood vessels, scalp, neck muscles, teeth and paranasal sinuses.

Headaches are diagnosed and classified according to scientific criteria. The neurologist diagnoses headache subtype based on its characteristics, and response to medications. Detailed history and examination are adequate for the diagnosis of most headache conditions. Occasionally investigations are required to clarify the diagnosis.

Common reasons to consider investigations are factors like new-onset headache, worsening headache, change in the character of headache, 'first or worst' headache typical features and headache not responding to treatment.

It is important to rule out a small subset of headaches caused by dangerous underlying conditions. This requires the expertise of a neurologist.

Sakra Headache Clinic is committed to providing individualized care to patients with headaches or facial pain disorders. Our team of specialists collaborates to provide the best headache treatment in Bangalore for primary headaches such as migraines and those caused by underlying medical conditions that may require prompt diagnosis and treatment.


Dr. Chidambaramurthy Udaya Shankar

Senior Consultant - Neurology

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